It's been a minute! How's everyone doing? Hope all is well at your ends!! Well who else is dealing with a crazy mane like this;

I'm presently 9 weeks post relaxer- PS My hair shrinks when its due!!

Sometimes I just want to tuck it away and not deal with it at all...but truth is after two days I miss it and want to care for it again...yes I am not talking about a child, na my hair I dey talk about!!lol

So, I am here to update you guys on what's been happening hairwise  with moi and specifically, how I care for my hair under these wigs I have been rocking!!

Basically I still deep condition with either protein mixes or moisture mixes every weekend, however I recently decided to add actual eggs to my mix and the difference is clear as my hair needed hard core protein, adding the eggs just did the trick and I will stick to an egg weekly moving forward. 

I cut a little more of my straight ends and said I must come back here to profusely apologize to you all for taking my advice to ONLY TRIM WHEN NEEDED!! I've heard quite a few hair gurus say that but after what I have been through with my ends here's my submission- not every body can only trim when needed!!

 Why? Well because how do you know when trimming is actually needed, can you look through all one thousand of your hair strands to see if they are split, what of strands that are a different length...I wish I asked myself all these questions before I ignored trimming all year long till July when things were getting bad and since then I've been stuck trimming away hair that would have otherwise been healthy if I just trimmed 1/4 of an inch every 8 weeks...truth is the sections I did trim, my long sides are much healthy looking than the back I left because I wanted it to catch up with the sides...

News flash it never caught up,what kept happening instead was that back that had say 1/4 inch split ends kept on splitting and splitting to say 1 inch of split ends until it stayed short....and that's why some people are the same length years after!!

If you genuinely don't have lots of split ends like my sister who says her problem isn't split ends but shedding, then you can afford to trim as needed but if you notice a thin/weak spot in your hair, don't be like me and most people on a hair journey who say they are waiting for that spot to fill out, go to that spot and make sure you give it a good trim so that it doesn't get worse, it's better to deal with shorter blunt ends created by you on purpose than uneven split ends which will most likely keep splitting till there's no more hair there...note to self!! 

So anyways with all of this, you know I learnt my lesson and went straight to the nape area and cut quite a bit off, so I'm dealing with different lengths created by me and my super sharp hair shears and not from ends splitting at their own will, hopefully as I nurture my ends, they will all be long enough and I can get a proper shape  till then this is how I care for my hair under wigs....

I moisturize and seal after my weekend treat,

put my hair in  Two French braids, tuck the ends away as flat as possible

  and wear a wig cap and then my wig, when I get home I fling my wig off my head right from the door most times!LOL... let me hair remain in my wig cap and then spritz it with water/glycerin and sleep with my Savvy/chic sleep cap. The next morning, more spritz, then the cap, my wig and I'm out the door.  By Tuesday night, I take it all out, co- wash or repeat moisturizing and sealing if I'm too tired and repeat the steps.

Using wigs have really helped to reduce the amount of times I manipulate my hair and the amount of hair I loose...was looking at my edges and I must say my edges look full and healthier than they were this time last time at 9 weeks post relaxer...the hand in hair syndrome has greatly been minimized now it's more like had tapping the heck out of a wig digging through to reach the wig cap and itch my scalp!!LOL

So that's that for my hair update, I am counting down to DEC 1st when the floor will be open for all those who took part in the 6 inches of growth challenge, please start sending in your after pictures from then to allow enough time for us to pick a winner by the 20th Of DEC.

In other news, I am organizing a hair meet up in my home town- PH!! Find details below, please spread the word and PH HAIRLISTAS prepare to have a goooood time!!



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  2. Dabs, I was about to start jumping for joy then I realized, 29th december is a monday.. pls clarify. I can't afford to miss my first ever meet up.. I need to get a trim. Haven't done a proper trim since I started my journey.. That's just 1 reason anyway..

    1. Hiya, that's definitely a mistake, I will have to correct that, thanks for pointing it out...the meet up will not take the format of a salon day out though since we are not doing it at a salon, I can however guide you on how you will trim your hair....looking forward to meeting you!!

  3. Lovely hair Dabs! I really need to have a big trim again soon as my last was way back in June and I can feel my ends looking thin again x


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