RANDOM POST- Dab's can throw down in the Kitchen!! + GIVEAWAY WINNER

So here's my first random post of 2014!! While the primary reason for posting this is to pick a guest for the Garden party Savvy & Chic is having....I decided after posting my banana pancakes on Instagram to share my culinary adventures with you guys for a change...

So first up are the Banana Pancakes- I just chopped a banana(not too ripe) into pancake batter, tossed gently on the griddle and voila...topped with butterscotch syrup which had a sweet and salty tang to it! ❤️❤️


Next up is something healthy I whipped up last week! It's some brown rice (which I have grown to 
LOVE) and extremely spicy snail sauce with a piece of fried fish( not so healthy but oh so yum!)

Another of my recent meals...if you come from the riverine areas, PH to be precise, you will know we don't eat roasted plantain with peanut, we eat it with a spicy tomato sauce and fish. I grilled the plantain on my griddle, then made a sauce with shrimps and snails instead (loveeee snails, they are super healthy too, no calories), the side you see is stir fried cabbage and carrots spiced and crunchy!!

Next up is something more healthy...A Caesar Salad!! Iceberg lettuce, shredded chicken, tiny chunks of bread spiced and tossed in light olive oil to make croutons, Caesar salad cream, Voila!!

Then the not so Healthy...I made PIzza!! yup, dough and everything! Making the dough has always been super tricky but a friend of mine gave me a straight forward recipe that I tried out and it worked!! This pizza which I topped with shredded beef chunks of chicken and cheese was sooooo delish because the sauce was super spicy and the cheese gooey!! I loved it but cannot over indulge if I want to still fit in my skinny jeans!

More junk food!! My bro and sis tell me that I make the best beef patties hands down!! Here's Dab's burger of life, spicy and juicy *widegrin*

This next meal is a typical Sunday meal; fried rice, coleslaw(added corned beef) and grilled goat meat in skewers topped with tomato and onion sauce.

Below is my potato/chicken porridge...this adventure wasn't so great, I was over zealous with the oil and I added honey to the chicken marinade making a sweet and sour taste( I don't like sweet and sour at all)...very underwhelming!

Another of my adventures...I made scotched egg!! It's quite easy to do and I had fun molding the minced meat to the eggs, had it with stir fried egg noodles.

Up next is my version of a healthy Shawarma!! I got these wheat wraps from Goodies Supermarket, shredded some chicken, grilled them on the griddle, added shredded cabbage and carrots, topped with a thousand island dressing, wrapped and sealed on the griddle, had it with humus....delish and healthy! 

Last is my version of butterfly prawns served at Chinese restaurants. King Prawns are spiced, dipped in spiced raw eggs and tossed in...wait for it.........ground oats and crunchy nut cereal!!! You guys this coating is soooo delish, crunchy, spicy and sweet from the crunchy nut cereal...its sooo good!!

If you are not salivating after all this then you sure aren't a foodie!! Now unto the matter, there were three valid enteries sent in by Wenesday as stipulated and after using a random selector which picked no 3, my guest for the garden party is,,,,,

ADENIJI ELIZABETH!!! I will be contacting you with details.

Thanks for salivating stopping by!!

P.S I cook Naija food too oh!! Egusi, Afang, My native soup...I throw down there!! By the way I recently got introduced to a NHCG reader's food blog and love it! Check it out here if you are into such-ROHSSPACE



  1. See what I mean????!!!!!! LOL! Anyway, yum!

  2. See punishment! I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. I was patient and hoping while reading your post. Was so tempted to scroll down but had to read thru till I got to my name and was like...Yaaaaay I won. Thanks Dabs. Wud be waiting for ur mail. Those dishes look yummy.

  4. See food oooooo. Tutorials/pictorials pleasssseeeee, I want to try making the pizza...


  5. Yes Dabs sure does throw down. All the food looks absolutely delish!

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  7. Wow....wow...I am salivating right now... I wish I can cook like this...I mean everything got me salivating. I'm trying to eat healthy but those dishes....up there... *pointing upward* made me rethink for a minute.
    I am new here and I think I am here to stay...hehehehe. congrats Elizabeth


  8. Thanks for your P.S. Just as I was wondering what good all these alien foods would do. Lol


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