So I am back again!!!! Here to announce the awoof I have been on about in my last few posts! This time next week Sunday, I will be rounding up a GARDEN PARTY with about 18 of your favorite hair/beauty/lifestyle bloggers.........*exciteeeeed*!

 Its actually in celebration of the third edition of the Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Magazine!!! The fun part is that each blogger gets to bring along 1 of their readers as a + 1!!! Soooooo whose coming with me?!!

The hard part for me is that I have met quite a few of you and we have become friends so I was battling calling up a few of you and saying just come but to be fair to my other bloggers I've decided to stick to the rules and pick someone via the blog....To be my plus 1 you simply need to tell me the FULL NAMES of ALL the beautiful ladies that have covered the three editions of Savvy and Chic Magazine!!! *GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND*

To be eligible though, you have to be in Lagos, you MUST wear the strict dress code for the party which are Florals; Here's some inspiration for ya!!

You must be above 18 years old and able to find your way to the party venue....its going to be a very chill gathering, don't expect anything crazy, just a bunch of like minded bloggers and readers meeting each other, munching away, sipping chilled cocktails talking about like minded stuff like hair, in general!!

Bloggers we are expecting include; Natural Nigerian, Kemi Lewis of KL Naturals, Sisiyemmie, Doyin-Chloes Makeover, Adaku of TWP, Stella of Stella's Addiction, Yagazemi, Berry Dakara, Ozinna-Style, Jennifer- Editor BN Style/Beauty, Barbara of Babara1923, Nibi of Kinky Apothecary, Ez of Beauty in Lagos, Uzo of Don't touch my hair,...and quite a few more that you will get to see when the pictures come out. 

I am truly looking forward to hosting everybody, if you'd like to hang with us, follow the rules and a random winner will be picked by Wednesday, 24th Sept. 

Good Luck!! Have a blessed week everyone!!