Hope all is well at your ends! Well I was looking at old pics of my hair the other day and it took me back to when I started my hair journey in 2010, I recall that after I cut my hair to neck length I couldn't wait for my hair to be long again...so you know what I learnt to do? Fake it till I got it :)

Here are 5 easy ways to style your hair when its about neck/shoulder length creating the illusion on longer tresses and keeping people guessing.

1.Use props- The best props by far have to be hair doughnuts


Simply wrap your ends around a faux doughnut and instantly transform your bun to a full juicy and round doughnut!

2.Use Bobby pins-This is also a great way to give the illusion of fuller hair, it will require you playing around with your hair, pinning the sides, bumping up the middle like you can see in these pictures;

3.Leave your longest parts out; This is such a nifty trick that I used to do all the time!! If its your front hair or your sides or back that's the longest, just leave a few strands dangling around while the rest of your hair is tucked away, it gives the illusion that all your is as long;

4.Do a double ponytail-I learnt this a while back and I must say its the best way to elongate the length of your ponytail especially if the back of your hair is longer than the rest, its super easy to do and nobody has to know *wink*...

5.Faux bobs- Create the illusion of fullness and are great for transitioners who are dealing with different hair textures, I have made it very known that I loveee faux bobs on this blog;

And with that, I conclude my 5 ways to fake it till you've got it post!!

Onto other business, the past couple of weekends I have announced on this blog, weekend treats I whipped up for the hub, well I am back again with this weekend's treat- 

made of; you guessed it, Banana and Avocado as the main ingredients, then I added coconut oil, other essential oils, locally refined palm kennel oil...

To prevent the fruits from going brown (oxidizing), I added lime juice but any acidic fruit will do. 
If you are in the Lagos environ, join me at the hub- 34A Awolowo rd, Ikoyi to indulge in this treat.

Benefits include;

1. SUPER CONDITIONING- Banana's are emollients(they attract moisture), are rich in potassium and vitamins A,B,C which all help moisturize and condition the hair.

2.Avocados contains many proteins and vitamins, including A,D, E and B6 as well as magnesium, folic acid, amino acids, copper and iron, all of which can help with both hair growth and nourishment.

3. Coconut oil and Palm Kernel oil are both incredibly rich in nutrients, fatty acid that penetrate the hair shaft and promote softer, more manageable hair.

With that, I hope you join me and give your hair a treat this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Great tips Dabs. Your faux bun is so good

  2. I agree too, great tips :)


  3. Great tips Dabs. Love that faux bob of yours x

  4. funny thing, I use to look forward to trying a hair doughnut when my hair is a bit shorter. now that it's long enough. I feel I don't need them anymore. But i still plan to try them :)
    thanks for the tips

  5. The hair doughnut is a fav of mine. Love it.xx

  6. This is very nice blog. There are many people who give different look their hair and to do this they go to the women salon and there beautician applied lots of chemical on their hair which makes hair rough. Thanks


  7. Where can I get a hair doughnut. It's beyond essential in my life right now. And the double ponytail is genius!

    1. You can make some with an old pair of socks or pantyhose.


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