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How's everyone doing? Because I've been busy doing one event or the other, I have had little time to bring you the regulars like product reviews and weekend treats! Today I have put everything on hold to write this review and give you all general updates...

So the product up for review is the Affirm Conditioning relaxer system P.H 4.5 5 in 1 Reconstructor with Argan, Pequi & Buritis oils!! *whew what a name!!!*

This product was recommended to me by a NHCG reader who narrated how effective it was in making her hair stop breakage, she said it was better than the Aphogee 2 min reconstructor, then I went online and the reviews on amazon were also great so I had to have it.

The Affirm brand is getting popular in these parts but I noticed its mainly their relaxers that 'posh'salons use but as usual Naija salons are still slacking in understanding hair and hair products, so ask an average stylist that works in one of the salons why they use the Affirm relaxer and she'l probably say, '' E good well well, my madam dey buy am from Yankee''. 

Well, I have stated my philosophy on relaxers, they are essentially the same components with different strengths... now my interest is more in conditioners like this that is why when I got this product and I noticed it was made to compliment the relaxer system, I didn't get the relaxer.

Right off the bat, the label states that it has a PH of 4.5 which is great because our hair's ph level is between 4.5 and 5.5 and relaxers, chemicals and such alter the hair's ph level leaving it susceptible to breakage, for this reason, you always need products like this to regulate your ph level. Those that came to the Salon Day out will remember I touched on this when I talked on hair porosity...

It also claims to be for damaged or fine, limp hair and has all those oils I listed above- Argan oil included(Argan oil dey reign oh, you'll hardly find a product that doesn't have Argan oil in it these days!!lol)

Now to the ingredient's as listed-  It has water as its first ingredient, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, urea, mineral oil :( a few cones, ceramide 3, hydrolized keratin, argan oil, some fruit extracts, sugar cane extract, a bunch of chemicals.

As you can see with all the keratin and ceramides( a form of protein) in it, this is a hard core protein treatment and even looks and draws like eggs when poured out;


The directions say to apply after rinsing the relaxer, leave for 5 minutes and rinse off. I used it as a co-wash and a deep conditioner instead though( I never follow the 5 minute rinse off rule, my conditioners must do some WORK!!)

The smell? It is sooooo pungent, it lingers after you have washed it!! It must be all the fruit extracts they put in it!! #notcute walking around smelling like a bunch of fruit!!

How did it make my hair feel? well while my hair felt stronger, it had the coated feel I always get from products that contain significant amounts of mineral oil. Mineral oil was listed at the top of the ingredient list and so it did give off that ''you can't place your finger on it but your hair just feels coated'' feeling- LOL

Final Verdict; I am sorry but I will pick Aphogee 2 Minute reconstructor over this all day every day, it smells sweet but not too over powering and it definitely makes my hair feel great without the coat, wish they put its PH level on the bottle like Affirm did though but aside from that it's Aphogee all the way! Once this bottle is done , I don't think I will re purchase...

Now onto other news..... So after 7/6 years of never getting braids done( last time I had braids on was Law school in 2007/2008), well I finally I got them thanks to CROTCHET EXTENSIONS at the HUB!!!!

(Somebody is feeling her blonde locks!!)

So how it works is, I had my stylists twist/ braid the hair down a day or two before the appointment and when I arrived, all they did was hook the extensions to my woven all back braids, it was slightly more uncomfi than the last crotchet extension I did because the hair was different, twists were fuller, longer and thus heavier but I have been LOVING being blonde so much that I think this will be my go to protective style!!!

In other other news, THE LOC APPRECIATION DAY, WORLDWIDE is tomorrow and the Lagos chapter hosted by LOCITUDE BLOG has
Savvy & Chic HBH are official sponsors!! We have all our Jamaican Mango and Lime products as well Taliah Waajid products for locs and natural hair (but you know I'll use them any way :).

Plus we have Jamaican black castor oil infused with Rosemary oil as well as their Extra- Dark Jamaican black castor oil(the darker it is, the more potent it is) all sold at affordable prices and will be available at the Hub from Monday!!

10 Lucky guests will also have a FREE tub of the Hub's whipped Shea Butter- The Zingy Version(Whipped with peppermint oil, tea tree oil and glycerin).

Loc Starter Kit also up for grabs;

The Venue is The White Space, Ikoyi. 58 Raymond Njoku. Time is 4pm to 8pm.

It is sure to be an informative evening for all Loc'd or Loc'd to be guests, so please if you know any one interested invite them.

That's all for now, will keep up the blogging if you keep up the loving!!!*just made that up-wide grin*

Have a great weekend!!

P.S Fellow Importers, your imports are hereeeee as the July Import window opens, please send all orders to from 1st July to 7th July;



  1. So pretty! What extensions did you get them done with?

    1. Awww thanks, used good old expressions. no 30

  2. And I was just thinking "Dabs hasn't done a hair post in a while".. lol. Anyway, going to get braids done later today. 1st in 7years too. Last time I braided my hair was august 2007, unfortunately no salon in my area does crotchet braids. I think I should just move to lagos and be done with this lack of products or proper hair salons..

    1. Awwww I know gotta get back to my first love.

  3. I agree with you on the Aphogee 2 Minute makes my hair feel fantastic...sometimes I forget it's protein...xo

    1. Yes I love Aphogee, also love the name of your blog!!

  4. Hey dabs what do I do to make my hair long cause it seems all regimes are futile. So confused.. Should I leave my natural hair or I keep braiding it? Pls I need or advice..p.s I sent an email long ago ;-)

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  6. Please how can i get Extra- Dark Jamaican black castor oil? I am in Sbuja and i need it urgently. Thank you

  7. Please how can i get Extra- Dark Jamaican black castor oil? I am in Sbuja and i need it urgently. Thank you

  8. Please how can i get Extra- Dark Jamaican black castor oil? I am in Sbuja and i need it urgently. Thank you


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