I know I said I'll announce the winners of the giveaway yesterday morning, but today is my Hub's birthday and I had some running around to do. Please Pardon me.

Without further ado, our friends at have helped us find 3 random numbers out of the correct answers!!!!

There were 27 correct answers out the 40 that were left... Yes the correct answers were;

 As I am is a Cleansing Conditioner
2) Procter and Gamble/ Clairol makes Hello Hydration
3) NOW Glycerine is derived from Vegetable Oil 

Or as I now know; Non- GMO Palm oil.

 The 3 numbers are 9, 25 and 19 respectively.

So the winners are;

Aidee Ekpoh- winner of As I am cowash.

Anonymous 14;32- winner of Hello Hydration

Idongesit- winner of glycerin

Please email me; to claim your prices this week. To qualify you must be a non-Lagos resident.

Thanks so much to all those that participated, expect more giveaways...



  1. Congratulations to the winners.

  2. Hi Ya...if you have time, I tagged you in the Being Me Blog Tag. Would love to read your responses.....

  3. Good day dabs I love what you are doing thanks,and I love your hair. I discovered this blog late and I also have no hair regimen cause I dunno wat it entails and I really want to grow my hair. I'd be very grateful if you could help me out thanks

  4. I've nominated you for the sunshine blogger award!


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