How's everyone doing? Hope all's well at your endz!! My last post was on a few Indian products I purchased among them was NEEM OIL!! I wrote that the look/smell was awful but I wish somebody, anybody would have immediately WARNED ME about this oil!!!

Let me just narrate my experience with last weekend's hair treat that went south before I could say Jack Robinson!!

So I mixed into a paste the Henna and Rosewater all from the Indian shop, then in a separate bowl I mixed the Vitika egg protein deep conditioner and neem oil-

The smell instantly hit my nose (just imagine the worst medicine smell EVER) plus I had several urges to throw up but for the sake of all the benefits I read Neem oil has, I persevered and applied the mixes to my hair, 5 minutes later my head started pounding!! I was having the worst headache ever! I had never incurred such a bad headache even during the entire 9months of being preggers!! Still I persevered 30minutes more by this time I was sure I was having a full blown fever- kept telling everyone at home that the oil must have been absorbed into my scalp and was now affecting my blood-(was probably exaggerating at this point but can you blame me, my head was pounding-LOL)

So I quickly googled THE SIDE EFFECTS OF NEEM OIL and there they were, all my symptoms- vomiting (had the urge several times), brain swelling (maybe that's why my head was aching so bad), lethargy-(was extremely exhausted)! Other side effects include infertility, miscarriage if pregnant, seizures, comas to name a few!

Once I read all the side effects I was really upset with myself because I am breast feeding!! How dangerous of me, I did what most people do when they hear of a hair remedy; I ONLY Googled the BENEFITS OF NEEM OIL, read the benefits and totally ignored the rest of the articles with the side effects and warnings!

So I learnt the very hard way so you my dear readers don't have to- please, please and please if you hear of a product/remedy for hair growth for the first time even from me, simply confirm from our pal google it's benefits, side effects, reviews everything before wasting precious pennies investing in it only for it to end up in the trash where my Neem oil bottle presently lays!

To get the nasty smelling oil from my hair, I searched my house for the most sulphate packed shampoo and mixed it with Baking Soda which I read will help rid the smell and the oil itself;

 I washed my hair with the mix a few times and had my fingers crossed all the while hoping the smell the time I packed sweet smelling moisturizers and coconut oil on my strands, the smell was GONE!! YES!! Praise the Lord!!

So that was the end of the saga of the worst weekend treat ever! I will never use Neem oil ever again, there are many other more pleasant products that will give the same benefits Neem oil proffers! This weekend's treat was very different, thankfully! Yesterday night I applied CHI'S Nourish Intense Silk hair masque for an overnight deep condition;

Very Good hair treat, my hair feels super soft and lush- CHI products are known to be really good so I was not expecting any less plus my hair has some of the red tint( can been seen under light) from last weekend's treat- the only benefit from that treat *rolling eyes*;

You Ladies know I am not about just teasing you with hair products that you cannot get your hands on, Naija Hair Can Grow Monthly Imports reopen on the first week of September so if you want any of these products or products of your choice you can get them!! For now the procedure LISTED ON THIS PAGE remains the same.
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