Weekend hair update-I rollerset my hair myself!

How's everyone doing? Hope my weekend treat menus have helped. I will try to publish more menus as I concoct new ones. This post is just to let you all in on how I went about the stressful but worthy feat of rollesetting my hair myself this past weekend.

Before I take you through, let me share how I went about conditioning my hair. I used the true crazy sexy cool curls prepoo treatment all over my hair from the scalp to the tips of my hair and then I applied shea moisture's deep treatment masque from root to tip;

 and quoted my ends with even more conditioner-I used Herbal essences long-term relationship conditioner and covered my hair with a plastic shower cap for about an hour.

When the time was up, I rinsed my hair with cool water, I did not shampoo since I shampooed last week, then I allowed my hair to air dry till it was about 40% dry,  I did not want to rollerset dripping wet hair; while it's a lot easier to roll wet hair, when your hair is longer it takes ages to get dry and impatience and rollersets don't mix!!

Let me take you through the easy steps I took to rollerset my hair;

I sectioned my hair in small enough sections so drying was easy, 

Combed the section using a wide tooth comb

Now to my biggest tip for if you want to roll hair that is not dripping wet; you see the back was still a bit wet so it was easy to roll that part of my hair but by the time I got to the middle of my hair the ends had started drying out so this is what I did;

I applied very few drops of grapeseed oil mixed with an Indian oil I am loving( any light oil is fine, make sure the ends are well coated without being weighed down that's why I used light oils

Then to evenly distribute the oil so my ends didn't remain clumpy, I used a small tooth tail comb to gently comb the ends straight, don't worry if you detangle properly, your hair will not break, remember to be gentle

Doing the steps above allowed me to roll with ease, dryer hair as I got to the front and cut my time under my dryer significantly, I only spent 90minutes compared to at least 2 hours normally! 

 One more tip, when my hair was almost dry, I took out the rollers, pin curled them and added same oil mix to my scalp and went under the dryer for the added bonus of a hot oil treatment!

don't mind the weird lighting

In all, my hair feels great!!

I think I LOVE rollesetting especially when my new growth comes with a vengeance, now it's been straightened a little without the damage of direct heat, the only thing that tired me about rollerseting is how much my arms hurt while I got my hair done, I just kept on asking myself,  'I wonder how girls like Jen from Just Grow Already with waist long hair do this!!' but I had to press on and persevere! You see even your hair can teach you valuable life lessons :)

Stay tuned for goodies from the November Imports, unfortunately the December window will not be open :( This is because, I really don't want to deal with Nigerian Customs in December when they are super busy and can be super overworked which means sometimes they will not clear goods on time or will totally close their office!! The last thing I want to do is commit to getting a product for someone, get their money and fail to deliver because of our Naija Customs, based on that I have been advised sadly that the imports for December being the holiday season should be put on hold, but January window will be open, God willing so all interested readers, please bear with me and hold your horses till January 2013!! The hair kits remain available for order, its just the imports that have been put on hold.Thanks for understanding!