Product review of TRUE CRAZY, SEXY, COOL, CURLS Pre Poo and Milk leave-in conditioner!

I saw these two products at Ebeanor supermart for N900 each (I think), I looked at the ingredients listed and decided to give them a try. It was interesting that one bottle was specifically for Pre pooing( which involves treating your hair with oils and conditioner or any concoction you like for a while before your shampoo your hair!) This gave me the impression that the manufacturers are with the 21st century program of black hair care which encouraged me even more to try them out.

Let me list the ingredients in each bottle(quick tip, the larger in quantity an ingredient is in a product, the higher it is on the ingredient list, so if water is first on the list then the product contains mostly water)

The pre poo bottle contains; water( which is great!), Aloe leaf juice, hydrogenated castor oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia seed oil, glycerin, Acrylates copolymer, olive oil, sodium hydroxymethylglicinate, fragrance, mongongo kernel oil and argan oil. 

The milk leave-in conditioner(whose spray bottle mouth I love!!) contains water, dimethicone copolyol, stearyl alcohol, a few more  sodium demithi tongue twisters, hydrolyzed milk protein, argan oil, olive oil, Salic alba bark extract, red algae extract, vinefera seed extract!!

As you  can see from the lists above, aside from the odd cones and sodium hydroxy stuff, these products are packed with really great ingredients and most of the great hair oils are at the top especially in the pre poo product. 

As I mention earlier I love the bottle mouths;

The Pre poo bottle has an applicator mouth for precise application and the milk leave-in has a really cool mist spray mouth which I will be reusing for my hair spritz concoctions when the product finishes!

I have used the leave in conditioner almost everyday since I got it, In fact it's quickly taking the place of my mane and tail detangler. I've used this product to smooth my edges, detangle knots and generally make life easy for me while I stretch my relaxer, still love my mane and tail detangler though but this leave in comes a close second especially because it is  the same consistency as the detangler; watery, light and moisturizing!

The leave-in (on my palm) is so light and moisturizing!
The pre poo I used on my hair over night from root to tip and covered my hair with a shower cap. I followed it with a hair treatment and my hair felt great. Soft and manageable, will definitely be repurchasing it. The consistency is also like a light conditioner;

Have any of you tried this product before, I had never heard of it before I saw it on the shelves but now I have tried their two products(they had a whole range of curling pudding, gel etc) I recommend them. I am also extremely excited to announce that  most of the products from the November imports are here!! I cannot wait to share with you guys all the products that were brought in, some for some lovely readers, some for myself (yes, yes I cannot get enough) and some for SHOP NHCG!! So excited!!

Have a great night!! Come by soon