Relaxer and inverted V hair update!

So it feels like its been ages since I wrote a post! Decembers are like that for me, super busy!! After my son's first birthday party which was on Sunday the 16th, fun fun day! Then two days after  came my wedding you can imagine it has been celebration after celebration and I had to take off my blogger hat for a few days and embrace wifey and mama hat! So sorry if you have sent me an email and I have taken forever to reply you!

Now I am back and ready to update you all about my hair! I relaxed my hair (more like texlaxed because I left it very under processed )

I used my usual relaxer, silk elements and the gold sprush TC2040;

Styled like a tail comb with flexible rubber replacing the teeth, it is recommended especially for relaxing.

I went ahead to coat my ends with conditioner and coconut oil then twisted in small sections. I lifted each twist and swiftly applied the relaxer to the roots with my sprush.

The application was mess free, the sprush was really easy to handle and was gentle on my new growth albeit too gentle, I had to use my fingers to feel my new growth to make sure the relaxer was covering the new growth properly and each time I checked,  the roots were covered- nothing to worry about! A few reviewers of the gold sprush complained that it was a bit long and difficult to use, I didn't find it difficult at all, when the length of the rubber part of the sprush was getting in the way,I simply turned it around from horizontal to vertical(see the second picture above) and it worked great.

By the time I was done for the first time in a long time I had relaxer left( I was using half cup of relaxer mind

That was a good thing because the last time I used half cup, I had to open a new relaxer pack to top up the relaxer half way through the process because the relaxer finished and that's always annoying. 

I was done in about 15 minutes, here are my results;


I am satisfied with my texlaxed hair, I only wish my edges laid down a bit more but that would have meant fully processing them, maybe next time I will apply relaxer to my edges earlier.

Now to my inverted V, as you can see the V has stayed at bay yay! My ends still need to fill out completely but so far so good! I can attribute the inverted V not cropping up again these past months to the regular protective styling that I did all through from October till now. I also consistently bagged my ends after applying some moisturizer and oils to the very ends. On days when my hair felt really dry, I'd spritz the ends with water and glycerin mix or mane and tail detangler. Lastly I trimmed my ends a week before touch up, I took out at least 1/4 inch off; very little hair but it made a difference. I advocate getting trims just before touch ups because they makes the detangling process during the relaxer touch up and after as you wash out your hair easier because your hair will tangle much less. I also like that my hair length stays in tact as the relaxer stretches out the new growth, when you trim your hair after you relax it, you are stuck with the same length till your new growth grows out...just throwing that logic out there!!  

Anyways, I am making sure my hair is in tip top shape in time for the NHCG 6INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE starting on the 1st of JANUARY 2013!! Are you ready ladies? The rules/guidelines for the challenge as well as the star prize will be my next post over the weekend, so stay tuned!!