NHCG 6inches of Growth Challenge-Details

So the year is almost over and it will soon be time for the 2013 NHCG hair challenge to start!! Brush up on your hair retention skills people because it's about to go down!!!

Here are the Rules and Guidelines for the challenge!

1. This challenge is all about maximizing length retention in 2013 so to partake, participants must all have length check t-shirts; simply mark the back of a T-Shirt- (I will put up my self made length check T-Shirt tomorrow using the NHCG T-SHIRT which you can get from SHOP NHCG). Please take a picture of your hair showing where it lands on your shirt so you know your starting point in inches.

Every 2 months, (choose a date) you will check the length of your hair to see if you retained that 1 inch we are all gunning for; checking bi-monthly will put things in perspective and make you see whether you are doing things right or wrong.

2. Start the challenge with healthy ends, you cannot retain growth if you have ends full of split ends, I have spent the past week searching and destroying under bright light and clipping off at least 1/4 an inch of my ends off-that's the most you can trim during the challenge at any given time, if not you will not record any major retention! Sort your ends in order now.

3. Sort out your stretching plan. For some people stretching for long periods of time(more than 8/12 weeks) works great for them for others the perfect stretch is within the 8/12 weeks period, any time after that there is excessive breakage and thinning(I am in this category) so my advice is stretch your relaxer only to the point your hair can stand which should not be before 8 weeks, it's not worth it if your stretch makes you loose more hair than gain retention.

4. Practice good hair practices;moisturize and seal daily, deep condition weekly, keep the moisture/protein balance of your hair in check, protect your ends during the day and as you sleep etc of course this blog will be here to guide you along the way.

5. In June 2013, by God's grace we will converge for the first ever NHCG hair meet up(for participants in Lagos)! During this meet up we will do what happens during half time in football matches, there will be a halfway check- physical and virtual(for readers in all other places), by that time at least 3 inches should have been retained by everyone, those who have retained 3 inches will be asked to swap ideas, tips and tricks with those having a hard time retaining growth..I hope Lagos readers will come out for the meet up, it will be fun!!!

6.Finally in December. the verdict will be in!! WHO RETAINED 6 INCHES OF GROWTH OR THE CLOSEST TO 6 INCHES???
Each participant will have send an email entry to me on a date I will choose in December and the email will be titled THE NHCG 6INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE RESULTS. Attached to the email should be the first picture you took when you started the challenge and a picture in December to see how much length you retained.

The entry with pictures closest to our goal of 6 inches ( 5.5 inches to 6 inches)  will win the STAR PRIZE; 
$100 worth of hair product imports
Any NHCG hair kit of your choice  and 
A NHCG T-Shirt of course to remind you that your hair rocks :)

If there are multiple winners, then a winner will be randomly selected. There will also be consolation prizes!!

This challenge is open to everyone however the prizes are unfortunately available to only residents in Nigeria.

Happy Holidays ladies and good luck as we grow some hair!!!!