I mentioned in an interview I had with Sizzling Mom here when asked about exercising, that I exercise but what I failed to mention was the hatred I have for stringent gym work outs, running on the thread mill or lifting weights till there's no strength in me!! Hate all that! So you can imagine my joy and excitement when I tried out Zumba dance fitness class, a class started by Miss Faka Ben-Kalio earlier in the year, it was perfect for my post postpartum body, every muscle in my body definitely got a work out but this time around it was dancing to very fun Latin dance music. I left that class wanting more and have attended very regularly since then! Enough about my experience, meet my Zumba instructor- 

who also isn't joking with caring for her hair!  
Please Introduce Yourself...
I am Faka Ben-Kalio AKA Fabila, a Lawyer by profession, a Zumba dance fitness instructor by passion!

Since this is a hair blog let's talk hair first of all,
How long is your hair? My hair is currently past shoulder length well on its way to Arm pit length (APL);

In October 2012;

As it is relaxed, how often do you get a touch up? Every 10 weeks minimum 

What d you do to help grow your hair, do you have a regimen?
I find that leaving my hair dirty for a while helps it grow, it may sound gross but I think it does.
I also deep condition my hair with Organics hair mayonnaise.

( NHCG says while I strongly recommend at least a co wash once a week, I acknowledge the importance of knowing what works for your hair, Fakus knows what works for her hair and that's the most important thing) 

How has NHCG helped with your hair regimen? I visit NHCG for the DIY hair mixtures and DIY hair styles. I am looking to try one of the protective styles soon although I have tried a few in the past.

Now to Zumba...

What is Zumba Dance fitness all about? Zumba dance fitness is a mixture Latin dance and aerobics. Unlike other exercises, it's a total body workout.

When did you start your classes, are you a trained instructor? I began my classes in January 2012, I am a licensed instructor with certification from the United Kingdom to instruct and coordinate Zumba Dance fitness classes in Nigeria.

What makes Zumba different from any normal workout and what do people that tend your class stand to gain from it?
Zumba incorporates cardio exercise while at the same time helping to tone the arms, legs, stomach (abs) and generally improves your mood.
( NHCG says I can personally attest to all these benefits of Zumba especially the mood part,  if you like dancing and having fun like I do, Her class is the best atmosphere for that) 

What should a beginner of your Zumba class have in mind when attending the class for the first time? You do not need to be a dancer to enjoy the classes, it is for everyone.

Well that's the end of my interview with Faka, if you are in Lagos and looking for a fun but effective way to sweat it out, try Faka's Zumba dance fitness classes. They hold at the Life Quest Gym at Glover Court, off Glover road, Ikoyi Lagos. Classes hold Mondays and Thursdays from 6.30pm to 7.30pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 10am. Hope to see you there, from Tomoz (Thursday)!!

PS. My heart goes out to all my readers on the East Coast of the US. Please stay safe and strong during these trying times, Sandy can only take material things not your will for life, strength and resilience! God will see you all through! Hugs from your Naija Sister!!



  1. I've always wanted to try out Zumba classes. I would definitely try out a class soon.

  2. I wish I had the time to attend the class but I have the Zumba DVD collection and Wii game sha.
    I know what you mean Dabs: it's loads of fun and my kids even love doing it. LOL

    1. I forgot to add that your instructors hair is to die-for!!

  3. We have zumba dvd sets, 2.5 pound toning sticks and outfits for sale in Nigeria!!

  4. HI sIZZELLE, Please am interested in the outfits u mentioned. Could u mail me ur contact info to I am out of town now but will be back 2nd week of august. Thanks

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