Its that time again when I become a Hair Special Agent!! With my spy shades on, I was off to a salon I have heard so much about called BLUSH BEAUTY SALON!!

My cousin and I made a mad rush to the salon thinking it would be super busy  because its the weekend but when we got there, aside from one other lady getting a weave, we were the only ones there!! Surprised!! The salon is open plan which I prefer because I like to enjoy the banter and conversation that go on in salons rather than being put in a lonely corner forced to read a magazine; however in this case there was no such banter, it was quiet albeit too quiet!! When I looked around for a TV or a radio, there was none!! My stylist must be a mind reader because she whipped out her phone music player and let it play music but her R & B tunes were soon interrupted by hard core Yoruba tunes coming from her fellow stylist's phone!! Oh the confusion!! At least there was some kind of noise going on...

Now to the service; I went there for my usual weekend treatments which I normally do at home, a night before, I had moisturized and sealed my hair and bagged my ends all night, so I decided I would get my hair steamed. The stylist applied some hair mayonnaise from root to tip and then wrapped my hair with cling film and then took me to the dryer! I pointed out that I came to get my hair steamed and then she said that though the steamer worked, I should use the dryer because the product would penetrate better with the dryer!!Lol!! These stylists will say anything they like sometimes for whatever reason!! Anyways because I know a dryer will still get the job done though not as well as a steamer, I played along like I had just been educated about the use of a dryer as a steamer; 'Okayyyy' was my response!!

She then wrapped a towel around my cling film wrapped head and popped over the dryer head;

Few minutes later the towel which she did not tie or hold with anything was over my face!!LOL
I put it back up but it didn't stay put, I think they should look for a better way to use the towel or change the towels to smaller longer ones.

Anyways so after about 45mins, I went to sit for my hair to get washed out and I must say, I had the best scalp massage ever on that chair!!!I could go there just for that stylist to massage my scalp!WOW!!

I decided to get my hair rolled, I must applaud the stylist for being so cooperative and following my directions, even though I was threading carefully because of my experience with most 'I too know' stylists, I still told her to use a wide tooth comb instead of the blue tail comb she wanted to use to comb my hair and when I asked for my scalp to be oiled with avocado oil in each section, she complied and not hesitantly but willingly! That is just a BIG PLUS in my books!!

When she was done rolling my hair (and she did a good job picking every hair without making it too tight and uncomfortable) I went back to that dreadful dryer!!LOL

It was super hot, been a while since I had to endure burning ears, the ear muffs didn't help either, they need an upgrade!LOL.

When my hair was dry enough I came out(couldn't wait) and the stylist took out the rollers and I told her I didn't want my hair styled but just wanted to shake out the curls and guess what?!!!
She did not take Offence!!! That was just unbelievable to me because every time I have done that for some reason, even if its my own hair I am choosing to style like that, its been an issue! Its either the stylist would insist on styling it or grumble and act like I am too fussy! This stylist was so well mannered and cooperative that I know that's the secret to the hype that surrounds the salon!

        The finished product in the car on my way out

More pics of the curls;

So what are my LIKES-
 That's obvious; the professionalism of that stylist is unbeatable and soooo needed in more salons!! 
There was also a shop owned by the salon next door that had hair and beauty goodies including their own BLUSH MAKEUP.
The price of my steaming was N2000 and my Cousin's wash and set was N1500 which was reasonable compared to some other salons I have visited.
 The owner was also there and she was friendly and chatty which was good, I was under cover if not Id have told her about my blog!!lol

I went ahead and got myself a BLUSH nude lisptick which I have on in my picture called orthodoc;

Then my cousin tried out their foundation and the coverage was amazing!!!
Her face went from being like this;


EXCELLENT COVERAGE!!So she got the foundation aswell. 

Now to my DISLIKES;
Most of my dislikes I would say are cosmetic errors, like the fact that there was no TV or music playing, the stylists were not wearing any uniforms and they used a dryer instead of a steamer to steam my hair. Also I would have preferred if the wall dividing the salon and the shop came down so that customers could get a glimpse of their merchandise because I almost left there without knowing there was a shop!! Aside from these issues, everything else was fine!

I will give BLUSH BEAUTY SALON an 8/10 based on my experience there today! I am sure you know how much the attitude of the stylist influenced this score, if the aspect of ambiance was up to par, they would have gotten a perfect score from me!! All in all I recommend BLUSH BEAUTY SALON to anyone who is looking for skilled stylists you can direct!! And to the management of the salon I say keep it up because you never know when my spies will be out there again!! 'Dabs get over yourself, you are not the FBI!!'(That's me talking to myself!LOL).

BLUSH BEAUTY SALON ADDRESS IS; 1388 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

This salon profiling thing is really fun and I am going to keep it up as a segment here, everything I say is my candid, honest opinion. I am starting with hyped salons who already have a reputation, I am testing to see if they are living up to it, Blush did for the most part. Then I will move on to smaller salons, hopefully I will find diamonds in the rough and give them their well deserved exposure.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for my next post, its going to be a post you wont want to miss, I mean it!!



  1. that pic with the towel over your face is just hilarious...
    and mhen that foundation did WONDERS for your cousins face.
    very very nice review.. but u didnt include the address or the location of the salon.

    1. thanks for your comment Yeva, you are right,I should have put the address of the salon. Updating this post straight away!!

  2. my oh my!you've really outdone yourself this time dabs!I loved the review too bad i don't live in lag.I'm sooo impressed with what they did with your cousins touch up how did they do it?isn't it regular pressed powder what am i doing wrong?hmm i have the same problem with my stylists,you tell them to do something to your hair they make faces at you behind like you ain't seeing them through the mirror..for that i'm loving blush's stylist :)is it better to oil your scalp before entering the dryer?i've been doing that recently but most stylists prefer the after effect for some reason

    1. Thanks :) The powder they used for my cousin was creamy even though it was in a pressed powder case, just like MAC's studio tech. I prefer it to liquid or pressed especially for skin that needs extra coverage. You can oil your scalp twice if you want but I prefer to oil it before I enter the dryer so that I am also doing a hot oil treatment as the oil heats up in the dryer. But skipping it all together before you enter the dryer and oiling your scalp after is okay but not as effective in my view.

  3. You didn't say which products were used on your hair? Also are you allowed to bring in your own products?

  4. Actually I did, I said she applied hair mayonnaise and then Iwhen she rolled my hair she applied avocado oil to my scalp. They were all my products. Ths salon allows you to bring your products.

    1. I will also add that I didn't allow apply setting lotion before rolling the hair.

  5. Your hair looks great..I like how you applied avocado oil to your scalp. Any special reason why you chose that particular oil.
    I'm thinking of retouching my hair soon.. maybe I should do this salon review too. LOL...
    Anyways, just curious...why didn't you use any setting lotion on any other leave-ins?

  6. Apparently, you prefer this salon to the previous one you featured.

  7. I have nominated you for versatile blog award. Please visit my blog for more details.

    1. thanks for the nomination :) visiting your blog now!

  8. Replies
    1. lol thats good then because I gave them a pass mark.

  9. hi dabs,great work!! More grace.pls hw do i identify split ends ? My hair color is mixed (black and brown).thanks

    1. Hi Anon, thanks for commenting, the best way to identify split ends is to section your hair then look closely at your sections ends under very bright light and you will notice that some ends are a solid straight line while other ends split into 2 or more ends sometimes. The split ends can never be mended so simply use a sharp hair cutting scissors to snip past the split end. Your hair color will not affect your ability to find split ends just ensure that your hair is completely dry and not damp or wet because it will be easier to spot split ends that way.

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    Also it's the Internet age. What were the odds that the salon owner hadn't visited your blog before an seen your face. Hence the need to be extra customer centric as 'salon profile spy is in town!'

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