How's everyone doing? I was browsing through the web and came across Alicia Keys at the Billboard Awards 2012 and I tell ya, this Lady is fast becoming my Hair Updo Style Icon, whoever is her stylist sure knows how to make it work!!! Remember her Grammy hair up do I tried out HERE, well this time around she incorporated that big braid look I love so much, Check her out;

I saw this picture and even though I was not going any where special, I just had to whip out my combs and try it out for my self!! Luckily Essence Magazine has a step by step tutorial on how to get the look.

So the first thing I did was smooth out my edges and hold my hair in a high ponytail;

Then I grabbed some regular expression extensions to make the braid big and voluptuous (even Alicia Keys  added extensions in);

Finally I took the Braid round my head and pinned it in place, then tugged at the braid so it looked bigger like Alicia's;

This is one look I will definitely try again and when I do, I will use extensions closer to my hair color and I will make the ponytail more to the side and the braid even fatter, in fact I will work this style to the fullest!! Can't wait :) Till then, ladies tell me what you think, you like?


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  1. Ur hair is soooo long.... I'm tripping!!!!

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  3. Hey Dabs..happy Sunday..I know u went all using only natural products..but pls I need a review on products dt help itchy scalp...m stretching my relaxer..hoping to get to 16 wks this time and I'm at 8 wks protective style is I don't do it as often..only wen necessary for last weave itched so bad d day I put it on..I tot I was having an allergic I got a product for weaves n wigs dt promised to stop d itching..n it helped a bit..but wen I took out my weave..n water touched my hair..d texture changed n my hair was so dry after washing n deep conditioning n was falling out in huge clumps..I knew relaxing wasn't d solution so I strtd researchin..n realised dt d product had silicones In it dt had caused a build up..and so I needed to clarify my I fixed dt hair has very thick roots now but very soft and manageable...n it dsnt fall out now I'm scared to use dt product for itchy I'm staying away from weaves till I hv dt sorted out...pls pls..I wud love a natural remedy...n no I don't have dandruff...I'm considering grinding up my allergy medicine and putting on my scalp..Yh d itch gets dt bad.

    1. Hmmm I had to take out time to do some research for this your itching that's why the reply is kinda late; you just might have an allergic reaction to the whole weave installation process, maybe the braids have been held too tight or your hair was not totally dry when you had the weave installed... In my recent post I talk about bentonite clay and it's benefits for detoxifying hair, try it out alongside hot oil treatments with oils like tea tree, jojoba or olive all to soothe your scalp. Hope these natural options help to stop the itching

    2. Thanks so much dear..hv to go hunting for them..I'll use olive oil in d mean time..I think I agree with you about the allergy..because I never have any itching till I get a of course d braids are always too tight..iv tried so many saloons but it's always d same story..Im too scared to get a new weave..even tho I have over an inch of new growth and my hair looks a hot mess..thank you..

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