What's good people? I browsed through YouTube the other day and noticed most of the channels I am subscribed to we're titled the 7 deadly sins of beauty tag! And I decided I'd post something along those lines with regards hair!

So here goes;

Greed-What is your utmost almost outrageous desire for your hair?
For some people it is fuller hair from root to tip, absolutely no split ends or hair that moves in the wind with zero tangles. For me it's all of the above because I am greedy like that! *wide grin*

Wrath- What is the one thing concerning your hair that can invoke your wrath on anyone? 
Mine is when my hair is really due for a relaxer and I have carefully combed out all the tangles and then an absolute stranger comes from no where and admires my hair by RAKING their fingers through my hair!arrrrghhh! That really upsets me, I actually have had random people touch my hair in the bid to make sure its really mine and it takes all in me not to snap at them rudely but being the well mannered girl I try to be, I politely remove their hands or move my head away before I loose my temper!

Gluttony- What is the hair product that you can never have enough of?
Virgin Coconut oil! I really do not know how I have spent a majority of my existence without this oil! I was introduced to it in 2009 when I started researching on hair products, I purchased some and haven't looked back since, I can use it in large, gluttonous amounts all day, everyday especially the scented type and I also think its just super cool how it becomes solid and then liquid and solid again!

Sloth-What about your hair do you neglect most due to laziness?
Since I started my hair journey I have tried my absolute best to stick to my regimen but I must admit I have been lazy about moisturizing and sealing daily especially at night. At the beginning of the journey I moisturized and sealed  morning and night without fail, these days I've been slacking however I almost always wear my satin bonnet which helps preserve any moisture I have left from the morning.

Pride-What do you love to show off about your hair and How?
For me it's definitely it's fullness. I will take a full head of hair over length any day! Luckily I have full hair if I must say so myself!(that's my pride speaking)LOL. How I show off? With different hairstyles especially buns, I love when I get asked 'is that all your hair?' ( ok, I have to move on before I get out of hand with this sin : )

Lust-You know you can cause lust when you are doing what to your hair?
Hmmmm I never really set out to cause any one to lust over me abeg but I do know that whenever my hair is bone straight, patted in the middle my husband  loves it! 

Envy-If you had a choice whose hair would you have?
I never really like to dwell on ifs but if I had an option to make such a choice I'll definitely want Halle Berry's hair! I love the texture, love how it looks short or long,curly or straight, the color and those silky edges (sigh if only we could all have such  delicious textures)

Oh well I have come to the end of this post, I'd love to tag all the hair bloggers reading it, would love to read your views on these 7 Deadly sins of hair on your blogs. For the rest of you, hope you enjoyed it, Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hi Dabs,
    I totali agree with all the sins, have a few more of mine....but i really need to get a full head of hair.....HELPPPPPP!!!

    I've always had silky fine hair but i really need body o! I'm getting the length i like...SL and aiming for APL but i want BODY before i get there. Please what do u recommend???

  2. I am with you on the 'Is that your hair?' question.

    Now that my natural hair is longer, I dare not put it in afro everyday. Most people really don't believe its mine.

  3. Thanks ladies for your comments, Blue that's for more body have you that of using castor oil regularly to oil your scalp? Castor oil is proven to help thicken hair also massaging your regularly can actually stimulate your growth cells, I also have a styling trick to help make fine hair appear thicker in fact that will be my next post so stay tuned:)

  4. Thank Dabs,
    So next and final question, where can i get Castor Oil? I have gone around and seen a few in some supermarkets in Lag, but they all looked like hair "POMADE" and i had to run. Plus when i checked the labels, they all had petrolatum or mineral oil so u know i had to bounce.
    Anyway, so where can i get proper castor oil and what is a likely price (all factors considered)?

    1. As Jambudu stated, any good pharmacy will have castor oil, in medicine it's used as a purgative so pharmacies carry it in a transparent Goya looking botttansy he pure one is transparent and thick

  5. hiya dabs!
    no i havent fashied you. just been forgetful and a tad busy:D.
    @bluethots for proper castor oil i got mine at the pharmacy. my mum said that pharmacies esp the really old ones always have them in stock. apparently some local maternity homes use it to induce labour by drinking it (dont ask why). the bottle is the same height as that of goya olive oil the common size that is sold as anointing oil, and its transparent.
    @dabs, hiya girlfriend! kai! i've missed u sha!lol!yes o, i agree with the 7 deadly hair sins. here are my own sins:
    Gluttony- What is the hair product that you can never have enough of? <-- mine is my olive oil leave in conditioner mixed with castor oil.
    Sloth-What about your hair do you neglect most due to laziness? <-- i get lazy with rinsing out my hair with black tea or apple vinegar. as for that sleeping w/ scarf hmm...i had to make 3 satin pillow cases, cos tying my head to sleep was not bunzing.
    Envy-If you had a choice whose hair would you have? <-- Tracee Ellis Ross. i know she's mixed, but with that hair i can do anything with it! ;)

  6. Hey girrrrllllllllll! I missed you oh! You have been so MIA! Glad to have u back! Love your take on d 7 or in ur case 3 sins :) Don't be a stranger o

  7. Thanks people. I got it.
    Let me get to work and i'd report back! :-)

    1. yay!!! please report back!Im sure it will be good news :}

  8. Greed - a full head root to tip
    Gluttony - natural oils. ANY. That's why I do oil mixes because I want to have EVERYTHING!
    Envy - Youtuber Naptural85. Her hair looks so healthy, bouncy and beautiful!


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