As I promised, I am dedicating the month of July to all the ‘au naturelle sistahs’ and those aspiring to join them. I find that it is a new trend to have natural hair i.e hair in its natural state, no chemical treatment especially a relaxer. But Like all trends, a lot of people just join the band wagon for the sake of joining without giving much thought to this commitment and many have fallen off the band wagon confused and frustrated. So I have a few steps I have put together for any one who is interested in going natural.

The first thing to consider before you decide to go natural is the TEXTURE of your hair. We are not all born with the same texture of hair. Aside the obvious diffrenece in texture due to race, there can also be a difference of texture even within families of the same blood. For instance my sister and I have very different textures. Her hair is softer and to some degree more manageable than mine and so the fact that a member of your family has gone natural and is having a great time doesn’t automatically mean your case will be the same; generally hair textures range from 2a to 4b, 4b being the tightest curl pattern. Tighter curls are generally harder to manage and are most common among Naija women however this doesn't mean you can’t go natural, it just means you will need to take more care in doing so.

The second thing to focus on is getting your hair HEALTHY. You know your hair texture, next you identify what it needs to stay healthy. Have a regimen like the one in my previous post. Do not cut off your hair thinking it is the remedy you need to grow back healthy hair, healthy hair is as a result of healthy practices on your hair. With a little patience and the right products you can watch your hair grow for about six months without a relaxer while you gradually cut off the relaxed ends.

The next big decision you have to make is whether or not to do the BIG CHOP. This involves either cutting off your relaxed ends gradually as I described earlier or just going for the kill and cutting all your hair off like ‘GORIMAPKA’ LOL. This bold move will ensure that you start afresh but it needs a lot of thought because it does not suit all head shapes.

As your hair begins its transformation, you might want to invest in some WIGS, these will ensure that you look put together when you need to be out and about. It will also help protect you own natural hair from harsh weather and manipulation. Below are two wigs I have that create two different looks for versatility. You can get your wigs from your local beauty store. Here in Naija, beauty sections in markets and stores carry wigs ranging from as low as N1000 to N20,000(for the lace front wigs)
Curly Diva

Wavy Diva

The final tip, I have for transitioning is, go natural with your hair products. Shea Butter i.e ORI is a great everyday moisturizer for natural hair, virgin oils like olive oil and coconut oil are strongly recommended too. If you keep things simple then transitioning will not be as stressful as you think!!

Look out for more tips and tricks through the month and feel free to send in a message or ask a question and ill gladly respond.

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  1. Yayy,finally...we'll be looking out for more posts on this

  2. phew!!! a post about nija hair finally!! (no offence Joy, u give me great tips by the way kiss kiss)
    living in a villagitic back woods of the south where a good looking (eye lash batting) black woman is like a once in a life time tin here, ive had to learn how to make my own hair myself! i weave into corn rows, i comb out n attach different color hair clips and now im braiding my own hair with the afro kinky braids (jOYS IDEA! GOOD TIN I HAD THE EXTENSION WIT ME EH?!)im even learnin to sew on weave ons!!!
    i never thought of going natural especially as i tend to be a B girl sometimes. a trip to Germany for three months destroyed my good hair and had to take it all off n start from scratch which i must admit hasnt been fun. everyone goes oh how could u cut your hair! ehew natural hair! its almost two years now and im still on a count down!!!
    i purchased a Palmers Olive Oil hair lotion(cost a lot too!!) but its great!
    so puleeeze, more tips on maintaining natural nigerian hair mbok!

  3. I wish I had known about your blog long ago. To think that blogs on having healthy hair did not just start this year. I had had so much hair damage before eventually figuring out how to salvage my hair. I eventually decided to go natural. Not so much because of the trend, but just to have a healthy hair. I really like your blog and always go to your older posts, just to remind myself of the basics. Keep up the good work.


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