So Its finally time for my first NHCG Salon Profile!! A Salon Profile is our version of a salon review where we will rate beauty salons on the following ambiance, price, professionalism, skill and overall rating. 

This month, I will be profiling Supreme Beauty Salon, Lekki 1, Lagos. Note this review is an independent opinion and should not be construed otherwise, please readers who have visited this salon should feel free to rate the salon alongside these ratings in the comment box.

When you open the doors of Supreme Beauty Salon, you are immediately welcomed by a large oval mirror to take a good look at yourself before your 'transformation' and then a large vase at the corner holding dried flowers and twigs, kinda chic! I Also like the really high wall that extends to to the roof and forms some kind of balcony where people upstairs can look down. The Salon is spacious and well laid out, work stations neat and put together, dryers put off to one section of the salon so clients are not all cramped up, the manicure and pedicure section well laid out and the braiding section too. Serenity doesn't exactly come to mind when thinking of Supreme's ambiance but it still has something going on and so for ambiance I would rate Supreme Beauty Salon  highly, maybe an 8 /10!!

Most times the prices Salons peg on their services are determined by the area they are situated. So you realize that you are paying for the same exact relaxer treatment at a different price because of location! Supreme being in Lekki therefore charges according to the pockets of its mostly buoyant residents. A relaxer treatment will set you back about N2500 (with your relaxer kit) last I checked. But an off putting thing is a simple wash and set cost the exact same amount of money, now that's a rip off considering that the time, skill, energy put into the two processes are not at par!! I think getting a weave fixed there is about N3000-N5000 depending on style. For Price Ill rate them as average because I have visited salons that cost less that do a good job and I have also visited salons that cost more and are nothing special. So 5/10 should be fine.

This and skill are the two aspects that will either keep me coming to a salon or well away from it! At Supreme, most times you are immediately welcomed and attended to by a manager. She will ask for the purpose of your visit and then assign a stylist to you. I think that is really neat! you go to some salons and you stand there for five minutes, everyone's walking past you and acting like you are invisible until you desperately beckon on someone, anyone to attend to you and if you are lucky someone responds, if you are not, you walk out and no one notices! Well at Supreme they have ironed out that issue. In terms of other staff, I still hear the usual Naija bickering and pidgin English speaking in front of clients, don't know if we can ever get that out of the salon system in Naija but in all honesty at Supreme, the presence of the manager keeps things civil! For Professionalism I have to give them a 9/10  

The beauty industry is a recycled industry! In the sense that , the same stylists just keep moving themselves around carrying along the same level of skill from one salon to the other. Supreme Salon is somewhat a 'victim' of this recycling. Most of its staff are male stylists I have seen work in other salons here in Lekki. Most of them don't really have skill  with natural hair besides the basic fixing of weaves in my opinion and the one time I heard one of them give advice to a client, he told her that her hair was shedding so she needed a trim! Now from my previous post on trimming we all know he was blabbing, the poor lady who came in with a bob left the salon with an Anita Baker style hair cut! the guy was just scissors happy and it took all in me not to involve myself that day because the one time I told a stylist at a Lekki  Salon that relaxing to the tips of the hair was wrong, I almost started a fight! Hence for skill ill give them a 6/10 because even their weaves are not always great.

My over all rating of Supreme Beauty Salon would be Above Average(7/10) because though they have a few rough patches here and there in terms of skill and price(which is relative), they manage to keep their clients satisfied. The basic cleanliness of the salon, the ample amount of stylists which make for a large workforce and the manager of the salon guarantee that you will always be taken care of once you are in there though I cannot guarantee the level of care you will be given!!

Hope you enjoyed this post. This review should be helpful in directing you on what to look out for in your salon. I will be visiting more salons specifically to profile them and I won't always be sweet and rosy! Here comes Naija Hair Police!!lol. I might even let them know so they check out my blog and see what I and my readers think of their salons!What do you think? Drop a comment, ill gladly respond!!

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