Hiya Ladies,
Hope all is well at your ends...I am having a good hair day y'all!!

All thanks to this hair I purchased from a beauty supply store on my last trip to the US.  It's the Malaysian Long & Sleek hair by Sensationnel in Cork Screw (Don't mind how tight the curls look, they loosen up into soft delicious looking ringlets)

Fluffed out-

I turned the hair which comes with a flimsy closure into a Half Wig at SAVVY CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB

When I want to wear it, I simply bantu knot the front of my hair (the leave out) and unravel when I wear the wig so it blends in  front.

The particular hair comes in 3 lengths- 14" 16" 18" and cost me less than $100 (as a rule I don't buy expensive extensions, why? because I hardly will wear them!!). I love this particular hair because it can be fluffed out to look big and can be wet again for more curls. It also hardly shed.

If you like this hair feel free to contact me via email

I am 6 months post BIG CHOP!!! I will come back here with an update by the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!!


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