Hiya Ladies,
Hope all is well. I am here to share in summary some messages I have gotten recently asking for hair advice, as usual the aim is to answer these questions in hopes that other readers who have had the same questions have them answered.

So let's get right to it...

Chuckleberry007 asked...
Please I need advice on hair dyes. I am currently trying to transition to natural hair and my hair color is a color 4, I heard brown hair doesn't grow well. So whats your opinion on hair dyes?

Hair dyes are chemicals that either deposit color on the hair strands or penetrate through the cuticle and color the hair, the first category are temporary and are largely safe but the second category are permanent and because of the deep penetration, they can cause damage to the cuticle and cause hair withering and damage. If your natural hair color is a color 4 then this should not be altered as the natural color of ones hair does not affect it's ability to grow long and healthy. Hair color that is brown due to sun exposure or chemicals should not be corrected by dying rather, allow the colored hair to grow out by regular trims and deep conditioning to strengthen and manage the hair in the interim till your new growth grows out.

Kenzo asked...
My hair line is in shambles and my hair keeps breaking and I am getting married soon, how can I fix this asap!!!

Dabs- There unfortunately is no quick fix to damaged hair, we need at least 3 to 6 months to see real changes. I will however recommend that you start now than later to implement the steps in this post HERE

Ada asked...
My natural hair is soft and light and I cannot keep up with maintaining it so I'd like to relax it, what relaxer do you recommend?

Dabs- What you have described is called FINE textured hair, this type of hair can easily be damaged by wrong relaxer applications. My recommendation is to prep your hair with an intense protein treatment to strengthen it a week before you decide to relax it, relax it with a kid's relaxer kit in mild and make sure you go to a professional who will stick to the time chart, also apply relaxer to the tips at the last minute before you wash it out because its always better for the hair especially the tips to be under processed which is easy to correct than over processed which is nearly impossible.

Mma Zoe asked...
I intend to dye my hair temporarily, what kind of dye should I use.

Dabs- Any temporary (rinse out) dye will do, Luckily temporary dyes just sit on the hair strands without depleting the cuticle which makes them not harmful to the hair because there is no drying effect that leads to breakage. Just make sure you are getting a dye that states that it is TEMPORARY and also be prepared to use it multiple times to see the effect/ color as the dyes usually run off and face easily especially in contact with water/ sweat.

That's all for you have more advise for these ladies? Feel free to share and also feel free to send me a message any time (Instagram DM) or ask in the comment section and I will do my best to answer!!


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