Dab's File- That one time I pierced my nose! + Goddess Locs Tutorial!!

So it's been a while since I shared a funny story here and I was reminded of this particular incident while browsing Instagram and seeing ladies with pierced noses.


So yeah there was a time I wore a nose ring...I was in Uni and my sister and I had just come back from summer holiday in the UK, while on holiday we were completely mesmerized by all the Indian girls spotting tiny nose rings with cute little shinny stones, we'd see a group of them on the tube and just be staring in admiration. We made the decision that when we got back to school in Ghana we had to get nose piercings and we were going to make it our things as sisters, after all we both wore the same gold rings my Mum had given us on each of our convocations, so this will be just that added sisterly thing we do!

My sister went first, she called and told me she was at a salon while I was in class and by evening she had come back to the dorm with a pink little stoned nose ring in her nose, feeling super fly!! I was so excited! I couldn't wait to get mine done the next day. 

Off we went the next day! Got to the salon, they took us to the back cordoned off by a curtain and out came an earring gun!! 'Don't tell me that's what you are using to pierce the hole in my nose!' I screamed! My sister was like Oju relax!! So I did and closed my eyes. 

*Prick*- I screamed! My nose had been pierced and I had tears running down my eyes from the shocking pain though I wasn't crying! My sister was grinning from ear to ear then handed me a mirror to look at my nose, I looked at it and my face dropped! 

Why is there a massive gold stud on my nose?! You know the ones used to open baby's ears!! It was then my sister deemed fit to tell me that they will need to change the gold stud right away to the smaller dainty one she had on, issue was my nose was throbbing in pain and there was no way I was going to let anyone touch it!!

So I came up with the smart idea of taking the small dainty nose ring to the dorm so I could exchange it later on by myself! Got to the dorm which was mixed gendered so there were guys and girls everywhere at the entrance, on the hallways, everywhere!! I was not about to pass them with a massive gold stud on my nose, so I went into incognito mode, used my hair to cover my face, bowed my head down and walked awkwardly as fast as I could to our room! Once I got there, the struggle began! 

Taking out the gold massive stud was easy, like my nose was thanking me for releasing it, however putting the tiny stud was hell. I tried everything I could to put this tiny stud in without causing more pain, no way! The hole was bleeding, I was in pain as the stud was refusing to completely go through the hole, kept trying no way! 

Finally I was able to stick that little stud in enough so at least the tip could pass through the inside of my nose and then I went to bed quite depressed actually, filled with frustration to the amusement of my sister and room mates! All this pain just for a nose ring! 

Ladies guess what happened the next morning?! I woke up and felt my face, my nose to be exact! The nose ring was no where to be found!!  Don't know how I slept, maybe I was tossing around in my sleep from all the self inflicted pain! Anyways, I couldn't believe that after all I had put myself through the day before there was no ring in sight!!!

I checked everywhere, under my bed, my closet area, study table, bed sheets, pillow...that nose ring had disappeared!! So there I was with a hole in my nose(not too noticeable, thankfully but still!!) and the only option was going through that torture of putting another nose ring into the hole and reliving that awful experience from the day before! After mind processing all of that, I decided nope, no way!! No nose ring for Dabs!! The hole will have to heal and close up on its own!! 'Dabs just forget this incident ever happened!'.

And I did until one random day weeks later, I was sweeping my room and I look at the gathered dirt and what do I find glistening in it, the pink studded nose ring I looked everywhere for!! I picked it up and proceeded to give it the longest hisssss ever, threw it back in the dirt and trashed it!

As for my sister, she went on to wear her nose ring off and on for about a year and randomly stopped wearing it all together!! 

Well that's just a little story from my youthful exuberant years, we all went through that phase, when you at least had to try out some type of trend, this story and the time I tried colored contacts stick out the most when I think back on those times but don't ask me to tell you about the contacts story! Too painful to relive! LOL

Have a great week ladies!  I made another hair tutorial, this one is on how to make Goddess Faux Locs!!

Watch and Enjoy!