Hi ladies, 
Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!! If you follow me on Instagram you'd have seen my little announcement...God finally sent me MY GIRL ladies!!

From the minute I found out I was pregnant, I was a nervous wreck!! Was I going to have another boy again? This pregnancy though not unplanned was not really planned(in my head) as I had decided that we were going to wait it out a while so I MAKE SURE I DO ALL IT TOOK scientifically, using old wives tales, I mean anything suggest able to have a baby girl then I found out!! My first trimester I spent waiting, wondering, hoping this baby was a girl...I even did the ring over belly test and it spinned round my belly  which meant the baby was a girl and I excitedly showed my hubs who was as hopeful as I was mostly for my sake and his sanity...heehee!!

The obsession was real ladies but what God proved to me with this pregnancy was that HE DIDN'T NEED MY HELP and He does things at HIS TIME!! Simple!! All my obsessing and hopefulness would amount to nothing if he chose otherwise so I decided to thank Him in advance and allow HIS will to be done! I focused on just having a healthy baby...time came to find out the sex of my baby and laying there in the ultrasound room, the lady confidently said...it's a GIRL!! I said please confirm, she goes I'm gazillion times sure this is a girl! I was ecstatic but still very cautious...while I like to share bits and pieces of my life, I like to guard my testimonies till it's time for them to manifest!!

Now she is here, born on the 22nd of Dec, just few days shy of Christmas Day and 10 days after her eldest brother was born and I'm just filled with thanks giving and gratitude to God for this gift!! I wish for all you my dear readers and well wishes that God will grant you all your heart desires and give you your own special gifts and testimonies at HIS time in His own magnificent way!! 

Before I sign out, I need to share with you guys just one more thing.....HER HAIR!! 

My boys had curly hair when they were born and typical boy hairlines but this precious little girl God has blessed me with has a full hair line and the straightest blackest silkiest baby hair we have seen in my family for a while,I had to ask my mum if my hair was like this and she can't remember(rolls eyes lol) but you ladies bet that I have started to nurture it, I'm using the Savvy Chic whipped Shea butter on it and I bought this-

It's a baby cot anti roll head cushion that prevents babies from having a flat head and that demarcation line that usually occurs...mums with baby girls and lush hair please now, share with me any tips you have...of course I will keep researching and make sure that my Naija Baby's Hair Grows!! 

Once again have a very Merry Christmas and stay blessed!!