Tell me about your Shears!!

So I've been meaning to put this post up since my last trip to the US when I went to Sally's Beauty and took a long stare at their wall of hair shears....

There were hair shears ranging from a couple of dollars to as much as $200 plus dollars!! I had to ask one of the sales personnel there why this was the case, was it a matter of the more expensive the hair shear the better the cut? So if I got the most expensive shears on there, would I have no split ends for like a year?

Her response was insightful, she said shears were priced based on a few different factors, for one the blades of the shears could determine the price as some are made of steel, iron, have features like non- rust, some can be sharpened others not so much, some are serrated, others are not and this determines the sharpness of the shears, she also said some shears have a gap between them that makes cutting less precise and can lead to blunt cuts instead of sharp cuts (which are better), so she pointed out that the sharper shears were more silent when you cut and if you hear loud snappy noises as you snip through your hair, your hair shear may not be as sharp as should be which isn't the best.

She also said the handle of the hair shears also determined the price, some handles are plastic, some metal, some were more flexible and more gentle on the knuckles and fingers of hair stylists than others, so as a hair stylist who would be doing a lot of cuts and such, you might have to pay more money to get hair shears that you can comfortably use for long periods of time. 
What's the importance of knowing all this? Well a lot of us have caused more split ends on our ends than necessary because we failed to use the right hair shears (heck I've used manicure scissors to cut my hair before( this was a loooong time ago), having regular trims is an essential part of a healthy hair regimen, scraggly ends are not cute, you eventually loose your length in the process and to get regular trims you MUST use the right hair shears, so I ask again, please tell me about your shears....based on what I wrote above, do you think they measure up...feel free to comment below in the comments section.

P.S How's the 6 inches of Growth Challenge going? Any updates? We have passed the half way mark, whose hair is 3 inches longer, who has suffered a set back, comment below, let's catch up!! Remember the winner of the challenge gets $100 cash at the end of the year!!