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So this post has been a long time coming...last week I had it all written out and was just about to email it and post it on the blog and suddenly the post vanished, just disappeared from my notes section on my ipad...almost smashed it to pieces!! Am I the only one that happens to?

Anyways enough ranting let's get straight to this segment of Ask Dabs :) I like to share some mails here for those who might be asking the same questions and facing the same dilemmas, hope my replies help.

Mail 1- From Sheyi.

Hello Dabs,

Happy new year to ya!!!! I know its almost the quarter of the year already but since this is our first contact this year.  I might as well.

And congrats on your store relocation would surely visit when next I'm in lag.

O well so here goes my hair dilema since i last saw you. My ends have been giving me serious nightmares. Shedding has become a major issue for me as well. I've been steaming quite often and moisturising my scalp as well since i've got dandruff itchy scalp problem as well.

The body of the hair is still nice and healthy. It's just the ends dats my major issue as my hair goal dis yr is length length and more length.

I'll attach a few pics


Thanks for mailing in. I can see the ends from the pictures and my concern is that you might be dealing with split ends that need to be trimmed off before they snap off...when last did you trim your ends...split ends cannot be mended so if you don't get regular trims i.e every 8 to 12 weeks, what happens is that the split ends ride up the hair shaft, ends break off and you are left with uneven thinner ends.

So think about trimming your hair with sharp hair shears, it will take some length away but you will be left with healthier ends that can be retained and grow longer.


Note( not in the mail sent)-Update- Sheyi admitted that she hadn't trimmed her ends in ages and will get them trimmed ASAP!

Mail 2- From Stella

Hello Dabs. Good morning. How are you enjoying your vacation? Bring back lots of goodies oo. Lol.
I'm sorry for adding to your worries but I'm damn near close to hysteria. I'm a contender for the six-inches challenge but for the last month,my hair has been shedding like crazy. I admit I don't moisturize and seal everyday but I at least spray with glycerine + water + oils daily,sleep most days with my satin cap,always with my satin pillowcase, I work in sections; pre-poo,shampoo,deep condition, tea rinse, moisturize and seal weekly and still the hair keeps shedding! I try to eat well and I take multivitamins daily.

I think it all started this day when I did a protein treatment and circumstances prevented me from washing off for about four hours. Please help. I didn't want to bother you and decided to work with the tips you provided on your blog but I seem to be failing woefully and I'm at my wits end.
I'm sorry for this long epistle. I hope to hear from you. Ibadan sends you her love.

P.S. I tried the coconut milk + banana thingy and made the Same mistake you made with your son. I tasted it. Lawd Almighty!!! I understand why he kept coming back for more. Hahaha. My love to the little cutie.

Hi Stella,
Apologies for my late reply, hahaha you tried that hair treat? Lol sooo yum! The shedding could be caused by various reasons...your body might be telling you to slow down as stress can cause excess shedding, your hair could be coming off the resting phase to the shedding phase(there are three phases of growth), you might be using the wrong comb or combing technique and most importantly your hair might be suffering from protein overload....I dare say the most important part of a healthy hair regimen is deep conditioning treatments specifically targeted at an issue..the struggle to always stay balanced with these treatments is tricky so I always advice that they should be alternated, moisture this weekend, protein the next,,,any kind of imbalance might lead to the shedding you are currently facing.

Take a step back and review your regimen, you might find the culprit.


Note( not in the mail sent)- P.S I love talking 'Hair' so there is no mail I get about hair that will 'Add to my worries' :)

Mail 3- From Dr. Faith.

Hi Dabs,
I hope you're enjoying your holiday. I'd like to say a big thank you for helping black women like me realise our hair potentials and inspiring us to reach our hair goals. I faithfully follow your blog and Lesley of Freshlengths because your blogs are the ones I can relate to the most.
In the past year I've come to notice gray hair popping up in different areas of my head. I was so bemused when it became a more regular occurrence. I'm blaming it on Lagos stress! Anyway in the past I'd have run down to the salon and slapped some dye on but since I'm on a hair journey I wouldn't dare for fear of losing all my progress.
I've been looking into using Henna and Indigo but I don't want to end up with green hair if it goes wrong.
Would you be able to shed more light on hair dying without harsh chemicals.
Thanks in anticipation of your response.

Dr Faith Umukoro.

Hi Dr. Faith,
Thanks for reading my blog...I am enjoying the holiday thanks. Apologies for the late reply.
Chemical dyes are a no no because they penetrate into the hair shaft causing the hair cuticles to be raised up and exposed to drying and breakage, non- chemical dyes on the other hand deposit the color on the hair shaft without lifting it, this prevents undue dryness that leads to breakage...Henna is great because it not only colors but nourishes and strengthens the hair as it has protein qualities, I'm guessing the indigo added is so you don't get a red tint but a darker tint which is fine. I would advice soaking the powders over night so the color is released before you apply to your hair also applying a little heat will speed up the processing, so use a shower cap and stay under some kind of dryer.

Hope my reply helps....will love to see before and after pics.


Note( not in the mail sent)-P.S I am always sooooo humbled when people say things like; 'Thank you for making black women like me realize our hair potentials' to this I say no thank you for caring enough to even read what I have to say on this blog, thank you for going a step further to try the advise out and for you that has told all your friends and family about this blog....thank you!! It makes it all worthwhile!!

I will be doing an Easter Bonanza on the blog in the spirit of my thanks and as a precursor of what to expect at the JUNE SALON DAY OUT(yep it's happening again this year and I am striving to make it bigger and better!), this blog is my first love and I am truly thankful to you all for the massive love and support each passing year!!



  1. Whoop! Another salon day out! That disappearing thing happens to me a lot with my wordpress app but I found away around it, you can sync your notes with your email if you use an iPad so you'll always have a backup.

  2. Great Q&A Dabs!! Spit that knowledge girlfriend.

  3. Dabs eyaf kee me oo. If I had known you'll put up my mail,I would have tried to sound a lot less silly na :). Still blushing though. Thank you.
    No chemical dyes? I better stop using this profectiv jet black shampoo then. Thanks.

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