So I am back with a post elaborating on the issue I dealt with most of last year...most of you have asked me how the breakage happened and so I have decided to elaborate more on how the line of demarcation can affect length retention when you are dealing with different hair textures.

So when you decide you want to go texlaxed or natural, you start to deal with different hair textures, the straighter texture at the ends and the natural texture...the point where the two textures meet is the point of demarcation and the line of demarcation right across your hair.

That point is very very sensitive and when your ends are not managed properly it can break off like mine did;

To deal with that line of demarcation, you can either choose to cut the straight hair off and deal with textured section ( save yourself the headache).

But to actually deal with that line here are a few tips I wish I stuck to last year...

Get your ends trimmed, I mentioned that in my prior post..this will prevent the ends from splitting up the hair shaft and lead to indiscriminate breakage...

Moisturize your line of demarcation like crazzzyyy!! After you moisturize and seal your entire hair, I suggest a spray bottle mixed with water and oils or aloe vera gel(Which I am LOVING!!!) and spray that section a little extra and seal with oil.

Finally my advice will be to NOT ever deal with your hair when its wet!!! I used to try and detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb when I got out the shower and in my bid to smooth the hair out I did not know I was causing undue breakage at that point of demarcation...apparently even WIDE TOOTH COMBS can cause breakage when you are dealing with wet hair that has different my advice is to smooth out your hair as you rinse with water, moisturize the damp hair and allow the hair to air dry to like 80% before you proceed to detangle and manipulate it...

So in sum, to avoid breakage at the line of demarcation keep the manipulation of your hair to the absolute minimum or just cut off the straighter texture to have a uniform texture...

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