Beyond the expiry date- how to know when your hair products have gone bad.

How's everyone doing? Hope well.  I am back with a new post I think will be helpful for fellow product junkies in the house. I cannot tell you how many products sitting in my products basket under my vanity are over one year old!

Now the issue is, most of these products don't have expiry dates written on them and though they are mostly made to have long shelf lives with the preservatives used, with the rise of a more organic approach and the use of less preservatives, I think we have to be conscious of the products we use especially after they have been on the shelf for a year... why I say this is because recently, I was moisturizing and sealing and humming away when I reached for an old bottle of a leave in(I will leave the name out) but I'd had it since 2012(covers face) and I wanted to use up the last bit, I poured the contents in my hand and what I saw is what inspired this post....

So here are signs that your hair/beauty product might have gone bad...

The smell is off...that's a tell tale sign, don't even think of using a product that smelt like coconut when you got it and now smells like rotten eggs!!

The consistency is off...if it was creamy and fluffy when you got it and it is now coagulating, runny or feels weird, time to bin it!

The color has changed...this is another tell tale sign, for me the product I mentioned earlier, changed from a cream color to a greenish algae color!!Gross!!

The packaging looks strange...the bottom might have started melting away, the cover might become rusty, the once strong to squeeze bottle is now as soft as a cheap plastic might be telling you it's outlived it's lifespan...

I wish a relative of mine read this before she lost all her hair because of expired relaxer!! I saw her after not seeing her for a while and all her hair had chopped off, I asked why and she said, she went to a salon to relax her hair, they got the relaxer that they were selling, opened the box and applied it to her hair, she instantly felt burns and asked for them to hurriedly wash it off her hair, as they did, all her hair fell off!!! She said one glance at the pack of relaxer told her that the relaxer must have been very old and very expired!!!

This point on packaging leads me to an observation I'd like to share; products in pump bottles or nozzles like this;

Tend to be safer and have longer shelf life than products in. Tubs like this;

Why because, the act of dipping your fingers in the tub allows for transfer of bacteria and this contributes to products going bad quicker. So while I am not saying you should avoid using products in tubs( no way!) I recommend that you use them up within a year of purchase or at least before you use up the ones in nozzles and pumps if you have a stash like I do. I'll be using the ones that passed my test up all month long.

With that this blog topic is concluded, do you have any more tests for products gone bad, please share below.

In other news, the weekend treat available this weekend at the hub is a BEERSSENTIAL RINSE- Consisting of, you guessed it- 100% malt lager BEER 

The malt and yeast in beer is said to leave hair strong, shiny, and bouncy.

Best used on heat damaged hair because it contains wheat protein which will help fill missing gaps in the hair shaft.

It makes your hair appear thicker, as the protein sticks to the hair fibers. 

It contains vitamin B which is good for healing damaged hair, the 'SSENTIAL' in the name above stands for the essential oils mix we will be adding to the treat for nourishment and shine.

To indulge in this weekend treat, simply visit us at 34a awolowo rd, Ikoyi Lagos or call 08090613325 for an appointment. This treat costs N1000 only.



  1. Very interesting post Dabs, especially with your story about the woman and the expired relaxer, that's so scary. I threw out most of my really old products some time ago and I'll definitely be throwing away my left over relaxer now as I've had it for some time x

  2. Hi, if you look at your hair or beauty products, most have what I would call an "open cup" symbol on them. That tells you how long you can use the product from the moment you open it.

    1. Wow thanks for that!! I looked and saw on quite a few but not all of them...thx

    2. My pleasure :). Keep up the good work.

    3. I didn't know that! So cool! Thanks 4 info.
      Dabs, I agree on the smell thing, I have a note for argan oil, it must have a nutty smell. I purchased 1LT of it once and found it smelling very bad. I was concerned enough to google it and I was able to send it back to get a refund.

  3. Can you review Revivogen? Said to be a revolutionary product, no chemicals, and addresses the DHT problem at source. It works on the SKIN of the scalp, rather than on the hair, and staves off production of DHT. DHT is a male hormone that blocks hair growth, including in women. Thank you.

    1. Hmmm never heard of it, will be on the look out

  4. Good article! I am in the process of trying to use up all of my conditioners (starting with the oldest) before purchasing more. I put myself on a strict "no-buy". :) I've been curious to the shelf life of them, but now I know what to look for. Thank you!

  5. I'm sorry about your relative 's hair. That's very scary. Great post.

  6. I think leaving the name out is quite .....unfair? In case someone else has same product so they know to use it up before it expires. I am going on a three months no product at all regimen and have products half empty. I was going to finish up my products before going on the water only thing but figured I do a sort of test run. So I hope my products don't expire in three months as I've got a jar of creamy leave in. My Shea mix I've kept for body lotion so that would probably finish in three months!! Beer rinse I've never tried before but it seems to be quite the rave

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  8. Do u mean malt nd beer together?


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