How's everyone doing? Hope all is well. These days I am pleasantly busier than ever and I'd like to once again thank you all for your constant support!

Now to my topic, I am sure some of you are like 'Dab's has come again, what does hair have to do with the Olympics?' Well think about it, because Michael Phelps has gold medals in swimming or Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth is not because they are simply naturally gifted to swim and run respectively but these guys identified their gift and had to dedicate themselves to this gift, develop and harness it now they own the gift and are celebrated for it...'Where is this going Dabs?'

Ok let me break it down, I saw somewhere where someone wrote; 'That naijahaircangrow chic should stop deceiving people, she was born with good hair genes!'

The writer has a minuscule point, yes I have 'good' hair genes  but when my hair was at this point;

 And this point;

Who would have thought I was I able to turn this phase of my hair around to this;

And then this;

No it was not magic, let's say genes played their part in that they affected the turn around time for me... I just entered my 4th year in my hair journey and have about 18 inches in my front hair to show for it, another lady who started with me might be at 12 inches but will I blame that only on genes? If  before she started and while she was on her journey she used heat to straighten her hair everyday for the past 4 years, neglected her hair in a weave, took it out after two months then re-install another weave immediately, and after 4 years she is left with 4 inches of retained growth, will that be genes at play too?

I disagree completely...I feel the need to reiterate this message over and over again. Usain Bolt, even him with his natural prowess and all his accolades and medals, still needs to practice and give it 100 when he is on the track with other athletes. The year Serena Williams slacks, she falls off the number 1 ranking of wor ld female tennis players!

In essence what I am saying is this, for those who want this- for you who has said, this year I want healthy hair and I want to retain length then please ignore the misconception, you might never know your hair has it in it to be so long! Growing up I had the long hair, my sister on the other hand had short hair (see her cute natural puffs, my mum relaxed only mine when I was much younger because she couldn't handle my natural texture-sorry pictures are not clear);

...then we grew up and her hair started to flourish but still she had not tapped into its full potential until she too started a hair journey with me. Last time I blogged about her in 2012 this was her hair;

Let me blow your mind with the way mine was blown with her hair in recent time!

And you know why it's this long? again no magic...She is on a HAIR REGIMEN! She avoids heat, she keeps her ends trimmed and healthy, last year she retained her entire 6 inches, I didn't but someone will say 'I'm the one with the 'good' genes!' My foundation is very different from her's I am coming from bleached beyond damaged hair, her foundation is much better as she never bleached her hair, her hair is much softer than mine so breaks off less...but will she have ever known this if she gave up and said oh well my hair was short growing up and there's no hope for it? Seeing her hair now, do I give up and say oh well this is the longest my hair can be after all this time? Nah, I'll keep aiming to retain 6 inches every year and I urge you to.

A biblical scripture says as long as you have breath, you have hope...Dab's is telling you that as long as you have new growth EVERY month, you have hope! So buckle up, keep on in this journey, learn the right techniques/products and each passing year, your hair will be better than before and if you have a set back, just like the athletes and sportsmen at the Olympics train (your hair ) for next time!

We will surely reach our goal!!!

PS. It's my sister's birthday day tomorrow, perfect chance to show her some love!!!



  1. Thanks Dabs for this post, I can see that hard-work and patience pays....
    God Bless your heart and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dab's SISTER (your beautiful and so is your hair)
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

    1. That's the spirit! Never give up!! I didn't know you blog; now going to check it out :)

  2. always motivated by your post..........More grease to your elbow

  3. Happy Birthday Mina!!
    Every now and then I am reminded that my hair journey is truly a JOURNEY.
    Yes there will be ups and downs but with consistency and good care, I know I'll get there.

  4. God bless you Mina. hope everything will be ok..

  5. Hi Dabs I have been an ardent reader of your blog but I never had adequate time to leave a comment. I think i sent a mail one time dont know if you got it. Any who, I can so relate to this post my younger Sis has longer fuller hair and I have always felt frustrated and tempted to cut off all my hair but your blog inspired me to start a hair journey, its been slow but i am making progress.

    1. Thanks for your comment, you will surely reach your goal!

  6. Great post. So true, hair care practices have so much to do with how healthy and long your hair gets. You can have the so called 'good hair genes' but if you don't know how to care for your hair it won't be as long and as healthy. I think at the end of the day its all about understanding your hair and taking care of it the right way.

  7. Thanks mummy for this post. Really encouraging. Please,I ordered for the super millionaire hair thing. That oil or so that someone says works like magic. Is the proce N9,,000? Rsvp.

  8. This post is in inspiring! Confession: I had been thinking of cutting my hair, AGAIN, to a short bob, because i had noticed that my back hair is way longer than my front. my next texlax touch up would determine if i cut it or not. So Dabs when i come in for my texlax redo by next week (GOd willing), your input would be great. Thanks

  9. hey dabs! don't let anyone get to you by their cynicism, when people don't understand what u are doing, they tend to say anything, take it in your strides & move on. Don't expect everyone to love what you are doing & u are not obliged to respond to them as well. Just keep believing in you and what you are doing. GOD gave you the long hair from birth cause He knew such a time as this will come, when you have to help people with their hair. I believe in you & in what you are doing and am sure lots of people do as well. keep up the good work. Adeola

  10. I do get that a lot , where people approach you after taking a good loook at my sisters and my mom and then say '' long healthy hair runs in your family'' and i say to them try not to take care of it and see what I have really learnt a lot just byt reading healthy hair blogs like yours and my hair has never felt healthier. Great post .

  11. I had been thinking of cutting my hair, AGAIN, to a short bob, because i had noticed that my back hair is way longer than my front. I love your great hair . Thanks for your post .

  12. Plzzz dabs I just got to know about dis site the tin is my hair is reali reali bad now wen I was younga used to be very long and full but now its not just worth seeing dat my friends ridcle me sayin I shuld cut d hair plzz dabs I need treatment as soon as possible befor I change my mind and cut d hair (lol) just tell me wat and wat to use to get my hair glowing like urs plzzz


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