So this past Saturday was the second NHCG Salon day out tagged- THE OIL EDITION!! And again I got to meet some of you my wonderful readers!!!!! After Saturday, I declared to whoever cared to listen that I have THE BEST readers in Blogsphere!! Period!!

I got there at past 10 am, some readers arrived with me; we set up and the SALON DAY OUT OIL EDITION was in full swing!!

Ladies were chatting like good friends despite the fact that they were all meeting for the first time, one reader-Mrs Sowemimo even brought along a Gateaux for us to indulge was sooo yum!!

Cup cakes and Fruity Mocktail on standby!!

Guess Who That Is???? 

THE OILS were spread out; Castor, Coconut, Olive, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Sweet Almond, Argan, Grape seed, Jamaican black castor oils...

Then there was a section with NHCG Natural hair remedies; Coconut milk, Apple cider vinegar, Bentonite clay, honey, eggs, black tea, Aloe Vera juice and good ol' Palm oil that not 1 BUT 3 Ladies tried on their hair!!! Ladies took me on my palm oil challenge squarely!!

Finally shelves were stocked with all the best of my hair product Imports!!

Ladies quickly got down to business, I consulted with each lady and we decided what treatment her hair needed, most of them deep conditioned their hair with my natural remedies...mainly Palm oil and Henna...No one wanted to try Eggs!- That's my next Campaign for Dec. Salon Day out!!! :)

I did a relaxer treatment on three ladies;

One of them was none other than blogger of the famous blog; ROMANCE MEETS LIFE- MYNE WHITMAN!!! She is in Nigeria for a while and I was soooo pleased to meet her and couldn't wait to get my hands in her texlaxed mane!!

Pardon Our faces; Gist was flowing!! Hee Hee!
She wasn't the only Blogger showing support, Blogger BERRY DAKARA came to hang with us;

One of the ladies whose hair I relaxed (Chiso) decided she wanted to try a bantu knot out so I took step by step pics for any ladies out there who want to try it at a salon;

I rolled the hair in sections after applying Silk elements conditioning mousse and moisturizing and sealing;
 Popped her under the dryer for about 30minutes;
 When the Knots looked dry ( this was after the Oils Talk), I unraveled each knot and picked it out';
 She was left with soft looking waves;

So if you don't want to put your hair through the stress of rollersetting or flat ironing, Bantu Knots are an easy quick way to go!!!


 Ramatu brought her extensions to be transformed to Clip-in Extensions and so she went from this;

TO this in Seconds!! You see why I love clip-ins so much!!

Look at how healthy Chidinma's hair is!! Trim off your dead ends always!!

Folake came in with hair that was at least 4 inches longer than it is in the picture below but there was just a little problem...those ends needed to go!!!! She stretched for 8 months but the stretch had the adverse effect of leaving her with really badly damaged and uneven ends, after a lot of bribing and coaxing from me and the stylist, she agreed to have her hair cut off and was left with bouncy, healthy looking hair!!! It can only go up from here!

Oh and in between all of this, there was THE TALK; I proceeded to list all the properties contained in the oils on display and each oil was passed around to be smelt/felt-

Soon after the talk, we round up and another successful salon day out is under our belt!! I'd like to thank the Owner of Blow Dry bar once again and all the lovely readers I met! Some who came and spent all day with me like Chi Chi who strolled from Law School; I know how hectic Law School is and I was just blown away by the fact that she took out time to hang with us!! So grateful!

Thanks to all you wonderful readers for patronizing me and buying the products off the guys make every midnight blog post worth it for me and I remain grateful to you all for honoring my invitation. I have plans for the next salon day out which should be DEC. 7TH( Please mark it in your calendars ) Its going to also serve as the crowning ceremony for the winner of the $100 worth of products from the 6 inches of Growth Challenge that has been on all year those who took on the challenge, the race to the finish line IS ON!!

I have results from the Inversion test- can't wait to show you guys, post coming up next. Thanks as usual for stopping by!



  1. wow, love those pics, you can easily open your own salon!
    congrats on your accomplishments!

  2. I'm soooooo bummed I couldn't attend this one. I wont miss yje December edition for anything

  3. All of this great hangouts keep happening in Lagos.....*sad face*
    I'd have to buy a private jet so i'll fly myself for the next
    Well done Dabs...Your really helping our hair grow!!!!

  4. Yay !!! For bantu knots.. I got cramps in my arms from tying to roll my hair and I'm officially boycotting salons except on relaxer days.. Someday I'll be in lagos for this.. Well done Dabs !!!!

  5. Looks like y'all had a good time. Well done, you.

  6. as NHCC is growing. i really think u should invest in improving your image quality. This isnt something you are just doing for your girl friends in your living room anymore.

    in the mean time, use your IG to filter the pix then crop and post here if u dont want it on your IG (im sure you know that trick)

    As you have more ppl showing an interest you should make an effort to demonstrate growth on quality on your blog postings too

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I agree with Dara I am thinking larger size photos would be better

  7. Thanks ladies for the comments :)

  8. I can see you ladies had so much fun - congrats Dabs

  9. aromatherapy oils
    I love the idea of using coconut oil and shea butter instead of a carrier oil during the winter! I definitely need the moisture!

  10. dear daboju,
    I really appreciate your selfless efforts in helping our hair grow. thank you sooooo much. but just a suggestion, I think you should have a beauty or hair school where Naija stylist can enrol, re- learn and know how to handle people's hair better. thanks dabs. I have learnt so much and still learning from your blog. please keep blogging

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