How's it going Ladies!! Hope all is well! This post is all about the project I have been working on all year long!!

The Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub yet another Baby of mine!!!

I incorporated the company in 2008, had no real knowledge of hair care but I have always loved anything hair related and always felt I will be dealing with hair as a business...the original idea was having a hair institute but now after blogging for 3 years, I changed the business model to....A ONE STOP ONLINE HAIR/BEAUTY MARKET PLACE!!

I am soooo excited about this website!! When I started selling products through the SHOP NHCG page, as more and more orders came in, I decided I wanted to set up an e-commerce website but I didn't want to set up just a website where just Naija Hair Can Grow could sell products, I wanted a community of all the best hair/beauty retailers and that's what the SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB is all about!!

Are you a vendor or retailer of hair/beauty/ healthy living products? With 4 Easy Peasy Steps, A retailer/ vendor of hair/beauty/healthy living products can open a store on the website and begin to sell products right away, No Rent, No Closing hours just a reasonable service charge!!

This website is perfect for putting your brand out there to your TARGET market/audience, it is user friendly; you can upload pictures yourself, put up discounts and sales, set shipping, manage your orders and transactions!! If you are a budding brand, save the cost of creating a website for your business- joining the hub is absolutely FREE!!


The Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub as a brand is going to branch out in ways that will greatly benefit your business. If you or anyone you know has hair/beauty/healthy living products that you make, distribute or retail like hair shampoos/conditioners, deep conditioners, hair oils, hair accessories, make up, body creams, body oils, Natural products like shea butter, cocoa butter, nail polishes, nail care products, multivitamins, healthy teas, nutrition drinks etc...please visit to see all we have to offer. Our latest vendors include;


Maksins Hair Extensions
Kayge Cosmetics

Blogger African Naturalistas


And of course good ol'

Please spread the word ladies/guys! Let's get as many vendors on the hub as possible so shopping for hair/beauty products is just a click away!!! The pages are all stocked with products so if you want to start shopping, shop away- for now payment is by bank deposit/transfer but in a few weeks the website should be able to process cards (visa/interswitch/ mastercard payments).....all transactions on the SHOP NHCG PAGE will be processed through the website except imports. I will be sure to keep you all posted, please visit the website; HERE Like the Facebook page and follow us on our Twitter page HERE and HERE for updates, sales, deals, giveaways, discounts etc.

Thanks so much in advance for all the support!! The first 5 ladies who visit and shop from the SHOP NHCG page will be given a free Spray bottle;

I will demonstrate how the website works @ the Salon Day out THIS SATURDAY from 11am;

Till then if you have any inquiries or  info on the website you can mail or or call 0809 0613 325 and I will be happy to put you through!! 

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. This is a very novel idea! I see your Hair Beauty Hub going to great places in Jesus' name.

  2. WEll done Ma'am your doing a great job...

  3. Congratulations!!! I'm an ardent follower of this blog and I really admire how you've managed to turn a hobby/lifestyle into a business. I wish you all the best.

    If you haven't sorted out your e-payment yet, check out It's free too set up e-pay on your website to accept all cards and paga payments. Sorry I had to promote Paga :)

  4. Congratulations and well done Dabs.

  5. congratulations!!!! very great idea

  6. This is wonderful! Well done Dabs! I'm so excited!

  7. Congratulations dear, wish you the very best xx

  8. Gat nothing but love for you. Great idea Dabs!

  9. wow! nyc concept, kip it moving Dabs the hub is goin places in jesus name.... Amen!

  10. My mummy. This small time I traveled everything has hsappened. Chei! I am super proud of you. Anyway,congratulations. This is God again. Mummy,I have decided to barb my hair. My 10 inches hair. I know I know. But heat and Abj sun has dealt with me. I wanted to wait till December when the contest is over but I couldn't. I will still be on here sha. P.S! If I'm not a seller can I still shop from the websit?

    1. Hi darling!!long time!! Like I always say do what works for you when it comes to hair :) The website is primarily for buying hair/beauty products so yes you can shop right away!!


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