How's everyone doing?! Hope all is well! As for me, I am busier than ever! So busy I still have not put up my first every beauty post! Hopefully I get some free time this week to get that done. Now to the post at hand...

I know quite a number of my readers are au naturelle and that's lovely but most people that have gone natural decided to be natural out of sheer frustration, most times the story is ''My relaxed hair was breaking, unhealthy so one day I decided to cut it all off and start afresh without relaxers.''

So when some ladies become natural, they try to make it work for a few months and when there is a little hiccup or their hair is in that awkward length stage where its not a TWA(Teeny weeny Afro) but is not long enough to blow out and style it, that familiar feeling of frustration sets in once again and  some ladies grab a relaxer and start the cycle again or simply live in braids and kinky twists forever- If you are in this class of ladies- First here's a BIG HUG from me to you- it will get better, read my blog and other hair blogs for tips and tricks, stay positive and then read this mail I got from Jennifer, a reader of this blog-Her hair is natural and she too just recently mastered the art of making it work and loving it...  Here is hoping that after reading her mail, you too will love and get to know your hair in what ever state it is!!


 Hi Dabs,
 I stumbled across your blog just recently and I must say it has really boosted my confidence in Nigerian natural hair. I know a few Nigerians who stay abroad and have waist length hair and I always felt like it must have something to do with their staying abroad, maybe the weather or
something LOL but seeing your hair already gives me a boost of confidence in my own hair.
I have been natural all my life. But only last year, for the first time in my life did I come to know that there was any such thing as natural hair care. I have been doing the best I can since then and I honestly am amazed by the changes in everything about my hair. I do see a little improvement in length; my back hair is shoulder length while my front hair touches my nose (when stretched). I guess my hair still needs time to recuperate after all the years of abuse with heat, tiny teeth combs, bad products and absolutely no care except shampoo and conditioning *covers face* :( I don't know why I hadn't discovered it all this year; I would probably be at waist-length by now. lol.
Nevertheless she is doing great so far and I'm determined to grow with it. So here is what occurred this morning. I had co-washed my hair over the weekend with V05 Moisture milks conditioner and usually I put my hair in two strand twists after moisturizing (my signature hairstyle) but for some reason I just wasn't up to it. I decided I was going to style my hair for the first days of the week so I did chunky threading to stretch the hair a bit. Here comes Monday morning, I was halfway to work by Past 6am when I realized I had forgotten my COMB. of all things to forget. how was I going to style my hair without a comb???? Today is Monday I don't want to be looking horrible all over the office and have people turn up their noses at my natural hair.I was so confused..............

I got to the office, stood in front of the bathroom mirror and for a bit I thought of putting back my beret on my head and walking out. Somehow I summoned courage, loosed the threading and attempted to style my hair.

The results were amazing. Never has my styled hair looked this good without a comb. lol
 I feel so happy I just want to share this with all the fellow Nigerian Sisturz out there. It is possible to have good hair. Cheers :)


Indeed! It is possible to have good hair- if you take care of your hair it surely will be good to you!!! Stay inspired!

PS. The September import window closed on the 7th, Thanks to all the ladies who took part, your products are being ordered!! For those who would have loved to take advantage of the import window opening, October is around the corner and I have planned a 'lil extra something for that month, will fill you all in on that very soon so stay tuned!! As usual, thanks for stopping by!



  1. Love her story and her hair was styled perfectly.

    1. Loved it too! Thanks for your comment :)

  2. Nice one. Great post! Love your blog.

  3. Love this post Dabs. It's always great to read stories like this x

  4. Hi dabs pls I need help on my hairline, pls what kind of treatment should I use as I am using organics olive oil relaxer (2) pls what do I do to get a fuller and longer hair as my hair is scanty pls tanx from mercy my email add:

    1. Please read my post on stopping receding hair lines and other posts in my archives on building a hair regimen and hair care

  5. wow, you did a great job with the style. I for one barely use a comb, and I always achieve excellent results with my comb. I've even written about dangers of comb a few times.
    Desperate times does call for desperate measures! good for u!
    feel free to check out my blog for more easy natural hairstyles :)

  6. her hair looks simply gorgeous!


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