The YAY, NAY and BLEH SERIES- Leave-in hair conditioners/treatments

Been a while, hope you ladies are good!This post is a continuation of the Yay, Bleh and Nay series (hair products ranking post) started HERE. As stated in the first installment when I focused on hair moisturizers, this series is very personal, meaning that the opinions written about these products are from my personal use of them so if you have used them before, you are allowed to rank and group them yourself. I am just hoping that this series will help hair journey beginners be aware of what to look out for in purchasing different hair products and since this blog chronicles my hair journey, I am allowed to YAY, NAY or BLEH products I try :)

I have tried quite a number of leave in conditioners, I'd like to say a huge thanks to whoever invented them!! Their light and liquid consistency is the perfect water element to help detangle and make combing easy then their conditioning properties aided by either hydrolized protein or all those yummy oils like olive, coconut, argan etc give them that edge over plain water because these additions help condition and keep your strands moisturized and soft after the water dries out!

If you don't have a good leave in conditioner in your hair stash...stop reading right now and go and look for one ASAP! Lol!! Just kidding but every healthy head of hair needs a leave in conditioner applied to it DAILY!
While you can concoct yours with water and other yummy stuff like I sometimes do; read THIS POST to find out how... I have gathered the manufactured ones I have used in recent time and grouped them, not all of them are liquid and watery, some are creamy but they still make your hair moist enough like water does but some have worked better for me than others...

Below are some of the leave in conditioners I have used recently;
From Left to Right;

TRESemme Curl Hydration, Organics Silkening inner hair deep repair , Mane n tail Detangler, Silk Elements Mixed Silk leave in conditioning creme, Giovanni direct leave in weightless moisture conditioner, Hairtrition Keratin smoothing leave in treatment, S curl no drip activator moisturizer, finally Vitale leave in conditioner;

The Yays;
Top of my Yay list is Giovanni direct leave in weightless moisture conditioner;

LOVE it!! It has great slip(what you should look out for in a good leave-in), instantly softens my strands, making them damp and manageable without building up making it perfect for daily use!

Next is Mane n Tail detangler; this product is a watery spritz that is not exactly a leave in conditioner because it doesn't necessarily leave your hair conditioned after it dries out but its ability to MELT AWAY tangles is just phenomenal!! I love this product so much that it has been a staple on my shelf since I started my hair journey in 2010!

Hairtrition keratin smoothing leave in treatment feels just like Giovanni,

It is protein based hence the keratin but it leaves the hair soft and supple. I started using it recently and I love it, but for the quantity I would have made it a staple product of mine too! Without a doubt, this product can easily replace Giovanni direct leave in, if you run out of the Giovanni.

I also fell in love with TRESemme's Curl Hydration;

 It has a lighter consistency than the Giovanni direct leave in and Hairtrition and so it gets absorbed faster than I would like on days I really need moisture however I love using if for twist outs as it has the wonderful effect of leaving the curls that are formed soft and with movement, not hard as rock as traditional gel tends to do.

My last Yay product is the Silk Elements Mixed Silk leave in conditioner!

 Love love this product! Unfortunately I think the company discontinued producing it for whatever reason( I have searched every Sally's beauty store-where I got this product from and it's no where to be found even online!) . This product is the most packed with protein so I don't use it daily, it has the tendency to make your hair feel stronger, so I always use it when I feel my hair needs extra strengthening.

Now to the BLEH products; Basically products that are just there!
Vitale's leave in conditioner is definitely a BLEH product, I think it's too watery to be effective, I stopped using it as often after realizing it really made no difference and was as good as using water.

S curl no drip activator moisturizer surprisingly has been a BLEH product for me. The consistency is watery;

 which made me feel it would be like the Mane n tail detangler but it has this tendency to leave my hair feeling gooey and greasy just after a few days use! Not nice!! It does make my hair feel soft but like Silk elements I don't recommend it for daily use.

Finally Organics Silkening inner hair deep repair which I picked up sometime ago from Ebeanor Supermarket is quite BLEH!

I bought it because of all the wonderful claims it had written on the bottle like; repairs and restores heat-stressed hair, fills and smoothes cracked cuticles, ultra light frizz resisting shine! Was even going to do a review on it but the product didn't live up to my expectations for it and I only give honour to whom honour is due!!The pump on the bottle made matters worse because it's such a hassle to get the product out of the bottle when your fingers are all slippery. To be honest, the product itself feels OK but has nothing on the rest of the products listed.

There are no Nay products from this selection. All of them have done a good enough job and I won't mind repurchasing them, some more quickly than others. If you look through the list you can generally see what I look out for with a good leave-in conditioner, just to summarise;

It must be light and watery, leaving my hair feeling moist.

It must have good slip, so that it just glides through the hair strands.

It must do what it claims either strengthen if it is protein based-'Treatments' or condition if it is conditioning based- 'Conditioning cremes' (most bottles will specify)

So, that's that for my Yay, Bleh And Nay series for Leave in Conditioners/Treatments!

Have any of you tried any of these products? How would you rank them? feel free to share your thoughts below!
As usual thanks for stopping by!



  1. Kelly(Hair Trigger)29 June 2013 at 20:31

    Hey Dabs darling,it's been a while. Could u post a link to ur yay,nay,bleh series(moisturisers). I got the elasta QP,cos of u tho. So far,I can say it's not bad. It works for me,but I may not be purchasing it again. Could u do anoda series for oils? Btw,I love d mane and tail detangler,but I'll get my own Giovanni direct leave-in,as my sister is always carrying hers with her,lol. Thanks for the review,it helps.

  2. imagine. I wasn't getting ur posts on google reader anymore (even b4 google reader retired-) so all this while I thot u were on hiatus! smh. I missed out lol

  3. guess wat! Our famous henna is our good ol' laali leaf used 4 body art work by our musilm sisters! Damn

  4. I hear the Giovanni is smashing

  5. I stay in Port Harcourt,pls where can I get mane n tail detangler ?


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