Scissors Happy Dab's Hair Update!

Hiya, Like a naughty school kid, I have come to report myself to you guys*head bowed* It all started when I noticed that the very left part of my nape hair was shorter than the rest of my hair, it was just 10 inches long as at this May whereas the rest of my hair was about 15inches long, it started to bug me! Truth is, my nape hair was non existent when I started my hair journey in 2010. I had mistakenly cut it at the roots a year before while I took out a weave and it had remained short that's why I started using canesten cream.

Remember this picture from last year showing my nape hair as I talked about using canesten;

So I knew that the day would come when that part will be long enough and I'd have to get everything leveled out because that's just me, from the back you would never notice how short that hair was;

But when I put my hair to the sides, I could see it;

My dilemma was, should I wait for the hair to catch up and level out? But I had to be real with myself, the hair would never catch up because the longer part will keep getting I decided to cut 3inches off to give it a shot at catching up and level out my hair on all sides; this time around, making the decision was not as hard as in the past and I think it's because of the NHCG 6inches of growth challenge. I have never tracked my growth the way I have in this challenge and knowing that I could retain 2inches from Jan till now (just above 7inches to 9inches); Makes me confident that in just a few months I'll get my 2inches back but this time it will be on all sides finally!

So I picked my hair shears up and positioned for cutting;

And then I cut!! My hair now- the only bummer is that I am definitely not getting 6inches at the end of the year :( may be early next year- healthy shorter ends trumps lengthy stringey ends any day in my books;

I am 8weeks post relaxer this week and normally I should be gearing up for a relaxer treatment by the end of the week but not this time! I am going on the LONGEST STRETCH I have ever embarked on.....I will be waiting another 8weeks making that 16 weeks!!! The thought scares longest stretch till date has been 13 weeks and my motivation was my wedding, this time I have another strong motivation but I'll keep it to myself till then :). Luckily there are no weddings, special occasions on my calendar that would tempt me to want 'em edges sleek!

  I'll take you all along with me as I stretch....stretching forces you to get to know your hair better, if you can successfully stretch your hair without any set backs, you will retain length like never before and your ends will be stronger because you will not overlap your relaxed hair when you are relaxing your roots like often inevitably happens when you just have an inch of new growth ! At the end of my stretch I hope to be back to where I was so help me God!

In other news, ladies that ordered for hair goodies last month, the first batch of goodies are HERE!!

My little helper on duty :)

I will be sorting out the orders and sending them out from this week, please be patient with me ladies as I have a lot of orders to sort through. Thanks so much for the patronage! Sadly the IMPORT WINDOWS ARE CLOSED TILL SUMMER IS OVER, I will make an announcement when they re-open!!! Thanks for all the support *HUGS*

Now back to this post, any of you stretched a relaxer treatment before? How long has been your longest stretch and how did you fair?

Please Comment below and share tips if you've got any, Lord knows I need all the tips I can get :)



  1. I've stretched for 17 weeks before and it wasn't a problem. I kept my ends tucked in most of the time so I didn't have to deal with it always. I also kept up with my deep conditioning and co-washing to ensure that the hair stayed moisturized.

  2. Yay for health over length! Congrats Dabs!

    My longest stretch was 6 months. But I don't recommend stretching for that long. I've cut down to 12-16 weeks to combat breakage. Keep your roots super moisturized, deep condition as often as you can, and low manipulation is key.

    Buena suerte

    1. awww thanks for tips! moisturize n deep condition seems to be the theme!

  3. Your hair looks great. So thick and beautiful! You'll be able to stretch to 16 weeks if you don't think about how long it is. I agree with KLP. Moisturising helps so much with stretching and doing really simple styles that don't require too much manipulation prevents breakage

    1. Thanks Les!Im trying to achieve ends like yours, scraggly ends just do my head in, thanks for the tips!!

  4. Haha I am glad that I stumbled upon your blog today. Its name is great :)

    One day I hope the length and thickness of my hair will catch up to yours. It is so inspiring!

  5. I am currently 24 weeks post relaxer.... It. Is. Not. Easy.

    I had to deal with some breakage but managed to combat it. I have had to now plait cornrows just to protect my hair and I virtually live under wigs. before the cornrows i only combed my hair once a week. during the week i would use my fingers.... I had to wash my hair standing up in the shower and the plait 6 sections that i would wash individually. Boy does that take a bit of a while. But it is worth it. I dont think i will stretch this long again. Maximum will probably be about 16 weeks. I think that will be as good as it gets. P.S Love your blog! I keep it minimised on my screen at work so i can check out your references. Keep up the great work!

  6. Your hair looks very very thick and luscious. So cutting it is not that bad. I like the pic with your little helper!!
    When this year started, I promised myself no trims but I couldn't live with thin ends so I just trimmed my hair too cos I wanted to be able to let it down and having it looking even and nice.

  7. I have stretched for 16 weeks I moisturized and kept protective hair styles for most of the later weeks. I am about to cut my hair to equalize my ends, thanks for the ginger to cut :).

  8. thanks for the tips ladies :)

  9. Hi,
    just stumbled unto your blog site. you are doing a great job, is it possible to have your phone number cos I tried subscribing and wasn't successful.

    thank you.

  10. Hi dearie,
    I'm in Naija, lagos precisely. I cut my 1 year old daughters, hair cos it was falling off. the challenge is 2 months plus after, her hair growth is so slow (hardly noticeable)though we rarely make her her cos she wont even let me touch it. Her hair is very coarse, rough and shrinks. can you advice hair regimen and products that will grow and tame her hair.

    will also appreciate if you can advice on how I can get her to stay without crying to make her hair.

    waiting for you response.

    thank you


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