I got the AS I AM Coconut Cowash conditioner during the November window;

It comes in a 16oz container and claims to 'gently remove residue including all of the things used to style your coils...contains a special blend of natural ingredients including saw palmetto and phytosterols that help promote healthy hair growth from the follicular level.'
Ingredients listed(the good stuff); water, extracts-coconut, tangerine, castor oil, castor seed oil, coconut oil.
I heard good things about this product and decided I have to try it for myself. So I tried it out today as part of my weekend treat and I made sure I tried it all by itself so I could have an honest review of the product.
The consisitency is thick like a relaxer but not so thick that applying it is a chore;
I rebelled and didnt wet my hair as the directions stated because dry hair absorbs products better- (''AS I AM'' team get in the know!!)
 It looked like I applied a relaxer;
I covered my hair with my shower cap for about an hour, the directions didnt say. Then I rinsed it out and did a two minute scalp massage with Roux Porosity control conditioner;

Then I let my hair air dry and let me tell you this product made my very puffy new growth SOFT!!

It has set my hair up for an easy week of styling and for that I love this product. I was a bit reluctant to buy the product because I felt it was not enough product compared to the price (the container is decieving, its just today I found out it holds 16oz of product made me happy). I also found that after my second use of this product, there's still a lot of it, it didnt even go half way-
A little of it goes a long way which is great!
I think this product will definitely be a staple in my deep conditioning/weekend treat section.
If you want me to bring in this product or any other product of your choice during this month's import window that closes on Monday the 7th, please send me an and I will get back to you ASAP.
How's the hair challenge coming along?- have you all gotten length check T-shirts? They are a great way to track your progress through out the challenge and a prerequsite if you want to qualify to win the star prize at the end of the year.
Oh remember I said I was going to start keeping a shed hair dairy? well today was wash day and this is the hair I shed;

Compared to last wash day;

As you can see the shedding this week was nothing comapred to last week! Shedding was crazy last week thanks to the fact that I straightened my hair, even with heat protectant, all the manipulation and detangling during straightening is just too much for my hair thats why I rarely use heat and advice ladies to rarely use heat- I have been at a salon and watched a stylist hide lumps of shed hair from a client as he detangled during straightening- so not worth it!!
Anyways, this week I plan to keep my hair in a simple bun, maybe a braid here and there but little or no combing all week long- yup! I have also ditched my brush, Jen from Justgrow already ditched her's and it seems to be working for her, I'll use my wide tooth comb to smooth out my hair and my old very soft tooth brush for my edges!
I hope this post helps those who have heard about this product as well as the other tips I talk about.
Thanks for stopping by and expect more tips to help you through the challenge!!


  1. ur hair looks very puffy. did u color ur hair? it's nice to see you using coily hair products. I recently wrote about how you can ditch the comb/brush for days over at
    I too use to keep a shed hair photo diary. I would compare how much hair I lose each week at a time to the amount of hair i loose when I keep my hair in braids for weeks at a time and then compare them both! I never heard of anyone do it, but I wanted to anyway.
    and btw, i read it's better to apply conditioner on hydrated hair. haven't done any scientific research to see which is better.

    1. Yea its puffy because it's now texlaxed. The color is from Henna. I read the contrary about conditioners and products in general, the logic is our hair is like a sponge that absorbs products, when a sponge is wet it absorbs less than when it is dry, so applying products on dryer hair is more effective, make sense to me...will check your b log out, thanks for commenting.

  2. The ingredients are very good!

  3. Dabs dear,u haven't replied any of my mails,in a long while..Pls's urgent. Thank u.

  4. It's Kelechi (nellakelly),sorry...

  5. Thing is,I need these products you talk about about I don't know where to get them oh,its really sad,I still have to use natural products and nothing new and its not encouraging at all. :(
    I've got my length check T shirt,4 inches :(, I shedded but didn't keep the picture,but maybe I'll start now. Even if I don't win,I want my hair to progress sha. Follow me back on twitter

    1. 4inches, good start !! Focus on the 10 inches your hair will be at the end of the year :)

  6. Yh,I've taken a photo of the length check shirt but I want to braid my hair today oh X_x! Will be extremely careful,hope its allowed in the challenge sha. :D

    1. Sure it's allowed, do what ever you need to do to retain length :)

  7. i havent used a comb in maybe 5 weeks
    and have experienced very little shed.
    finger combing is the way foward, i tell ya!

    1. 5weeks, really!! I'm loving finger combing, it's really not as complicated

  8. Interesting, I'll keep an eye out for this.

  9. hi ya dabs
    happy new year!
    i've gotten my length check tank top. lol! i hope it will do. i have marked my hair length for 27th dec 2012. my next touch up date is 12 wks from then which is sometime in march.
    my "New Hair Resolution" is to have silky healthier hair. i'm more interested in having healthy hair than lengthy hair. the textlaxing went wonderfully well by the way. i realised that my mum used to do the same process for hair when i first relaxed it!

    1. Happy new year Jam jam! Glad to hear your hair is making progress, health and
      Eight go hand in hand so expect length too :)

  10. Halo dear dabs
    I've finally read all ur blogs since jun 2011, hmmmmmmmm u got me up till 4 am last night bt anyway its educating insightful n I'm sure productful.
    I got 2 knw abt ur sight on d 19th dec 4rm a client( a bride I did her make up 4 her wedding) I checked it up n I've tld all my customers abt ds blog (I've a salon in Warri). Bt I got a prob bt somehow it has been rectified in a way sha oh. A client drew my attention dat u re discouraging or rather scaring ur readers 4rm visiting salons. Awwwww...... c'mon sistah u nor want make nija hair stylist chopstill encourage us small nw. Bt sistah keep it up oh u re doing a good job. Thumbs up will like 2 read ur reply abt ds. Also my hair is too full n wild n dry hw do I tame it cos it is like a wild lion

  11. I started using ur daily regime though I'm wit braids I knw it will work. Its Zino Odibo from Warri


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