If you participated in this weekend's hair treat show by raising your hands!! Well this post is just to update anyone who didn't participate on what to expect if you ever decide to try out this treat!!

First off, let me sound a WARNING!!!! If the smell of maple syrup or strong smells in general is not your thing, run farrrrrr away from Fenugreek!! WHAT!!Right now I am a walking head of maple syrup and it is not fun!!My hubs liked the smell of my hair and so did my friend when I asked them to smell my hair but they are not the ones stuck with maple syrup smelling hair dangling round their faces!! OK RANT OVER!! Let me break things down!

So I decided to take the ground fenugreek seeds and soak them in water as I instructed and thought they would just melt into a paste but nope this is what happened;

The ground seeds just absorbed the water and had a wet grainy feel to it, so I decided to add conditioner;

The conditioner changed the texture a little bit but it still wasn't pasty enough because this is the mess that happened when I applied the mix on my hair;

SEE MY FACE? Confused.com!! So I decided then to go to the website where I read about fenugreek paste and it is then I realized... I WAS SUPPOSED TO BOIL the seeds!! Boiling them would have made them soft and of course it would not have been hard to make them a paste!!

My bad!! It was too late to go back so I covered my very messy hair up with a nylon bag and then a shower cap and hung out for an hour!!

Then washed!! Washing was torture!! Not on me, on my bathroom pipes!! I tried to avoid clogging but I am not going to be surprised if I have to call a plumber in at the end of the week, thanks Fenugreek seeds!!

Anyhoo,  I proceeded to do an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse since I hadnt done one since I got a relaxer, then I did my twist out which I rocked to church today;

This week, this twist out will be redone a couple more times but I will bun the ends!! DID ANY OF YOU PARTAKE IN THE WEEKEND HAIR TREAT OR ANY HAIR TREAT AT ALL? HOW DID IT GO?

I am going to post the Salon profiles I promised in a few days so stay tuned ladies and welcome on board to all new followers of NHCG!! You will not regret your decision!