How was the weekend y'all!! Did anybody try out this weekend's hair treat? Well I literally have the smoothie on my hair in a shower cap as I type this! This weekend was packed with activity; a wedding, baby dedication and my parents came into town for a surprise visit!! So I did not have time for my hair till today, had to squeeze out time to give it that needed treat!!

And this treat was such a hit in my household for very different reasons, READ ON...

I blended two ripe bananas and a can of coconut milk in a blender till smooth;

and then I decided to taste it and it was YUM!! Pina Colada in the making!!

THEN I decided to let my son have some and that's how I caused wahala!!He wanted more and more and more! LOL (see him downing every last drop)
So it was with great reluctance that I took the remaining mix and added hair conditioner to it

Oh and by the way, I found Herbal Essence HELLO HYDRATION in Ebeanor for N850(I think)

Finally I applied the mix to my hair;

Its been a few hours since the smoothie was applied, pause let me go wash it out and come with a pic...

Not bad, I will say the feel I get from my hair tells me that this smoothie is more like a protein treatment than moisturizing thanks to the coconut milk because I thought my hair would be softer but its a bit crunchy like how it gets when I put protein in it so next weekend I definitely have to go purely moisturizing with my weekend treat to keep the protein moisture balance but my hair smells WONDERFUL right now ( far cry from last weekend's fenugreek smell disaster)thanks to the coconut ( far cry from last weekend's fenugreek smell disaster, if you like the smell of coconut, you'l love this).

I am going to air my hair out now and then I should be done.. so you see its not as complicated as many think!! Did anyone try out a weekend hair treat? How did it go? Spill!!

Have a great HAIR WEEK!!  



  1. I will def try this out. That your son's picture is priceless. Thanks for the tip

  2. Tasty n helpful hair treat!

  3. I had planned of using up a coconut cream i got at the beginning of last year yet the year is ending and I haven't done it. This is a sign from above lol.

  4. I love your blog! You have encouraged me through and through!

  5. Can't stop laughing at ur son's picture...really priceless..


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