How many times have you been at a salon and giggled to yourself while a drama unfolds before your eyes between the stylists or sighed within because something inappropriate was going on, well this is your chance to share your true story with us under SALON TIMES! The purpose really is for readers to enjoy a good laugh or any other emotion deemed fit and maybe learn something in the process.

Let me lead the way by telling you guys about what went down last week Thursday when I went for a pedicure at a salon in lekki! As I was being prepped for my pedicure, I noticed a lady with full natural ( no relaxer) hair getting her hair blow dried, I admired it and wondered what she was there for, maybe a weave or extensions? I kept observing the stylist and noticed when the lady stopped the stylist from using a brush on her hair, then the stylist packed her hair in a ponytail and braided the end and tucked it away. By this time, my feet were being massaged and scraped, the salon was its calm self UNTIL I heard the lady with the natural hair at the counter loosing her temper.

Apparently she was African American and had been to the salon in the last three months and guess what? For the exact same services, she had paid a different amount each month!this time around they told her she owed them N13,000. She was like last month for the same exact services they told her N9,000 and the month before it was N8,000, this time around there was no way she would pay, she kept on screaming 'I ain't paying for this, what nonsense, Y'all. Need to get your act right up in this place!' 'go ahead and call the police cuz I have had enough of all this'

It was so funny and uncomfortable because she kept on looking at me as she complained almost as if she wanted me to join in the conversation, I was politely nodding in agreement because frankly she was right!
The duty of salon owners to 'customers' is to at least inform them about price changes! Most salon owners in Naija are either never there to monitor the going on of their salon or are there but clueless about running it, all they are interested in is being called madam and collecting the cash at the end of the day, they need to be schooled! And this lady schooled them alright, she asked to speak to the owner of the salon and as usual the manager of the salon rudely refused, she threatened to never come back and tell all her friends never to come
there, yet miss manager didn't budge! I was astonished!

finally the lady refused to come back for the braids she wanted to get the next day which made
up the 13,000 bill and just paid for the wash and color she got, she was so mad at the manager and at one point even dragged the manager's hand while asking for her change! In fact she was furious and I am sure she will keep to her word by never returning there and with
the way she was treated I honestly will think twice about recommending the salon to anyone!

Lessons Learnt; Always ask for the price of a service at the salon before you settle for it,
especially when you are having multiple services, knowing the price before hand will help you
decide whether you want to spend such an amount or not.

For Salon/ business owners; keep people that smile, are friendly and handle situations maturely and calmly as managers. This manager was wack! A simple smile and softer approach could have brought down the customer's defenses! She didn't have to be so aggressive and annoyed as if the lady was blabbing rubbish, she really put me off! As a manager, I would have offered some kind of discount to the lady just to calm her down and keep her coming or if that was out of my reach I would have kept apologizing profusely! I didn't hear the manager apologize once! She was acting like it was a personal battle!

Well that's the end of my major Tatafo! Hope you enjoyed it, if you have any Salon Tatafo( story) for me feel free to send it to  with your name, I'd love to publish it on here!thanks for stopping by!