Hiya! Its been ages I know, been super busy! Finally made out time to conjure up this post! Now to the topic, I have come up with a timeline that will serve as a guide while you prepare for the hairstyle you will rock on the big day and I hope it is helpful to all the future brides out there!!

 So he just proposed, YAY!! Now you have fixed the wedding date for the first week of January next year and its September. While you plan for the wedding proper, get your dress and all things in between; don’t forget about your hair!!

FEW MONTHS TO GO; It will be great to start practicing basic good hair practices like moisturizing and sealing your hair daily at least few months to the big day to make sure you have a healthy head of hair that will best showcase your hair style of choice! For instance if your hairline is receding and you are contemplating an updo, you cannot expect the updo to look good with a receding hairline, so few months before the wedding, start giving that spot attention, increase your massages, castor oil applications and hair treatments.

IT’S A MONTH TO GO; By this time, you should have a hairstyle in mind for the big day, your hair should feel better and you should have your hair accessories ready as well.
Finding a good stylist should be top of your priority also; getting that out of the way early enough will save you any last minute disappointments! This is the time to make any changes to your hair! If you want to get it colored, if you want to try out a hair cut, if you want bangs, get them done now so you can feel the change out and tweek it until it sits well with you.

ONE WEEK TO GO; When you have one week to go to your wedding day, your hair should be the least of your worries especially if your have followed this time line. If you are relaxed, get a perm at the beginning of this week, make sure you apply enough relaxer on the edges, so your hair line is sleek and baby hairs are lying down on the D Day! By this time its too late to make any drastic changes to your hair! Save yourself the uncertainty of the results and the heart ache that will follow if your hair ‘change’ turns out to be a disaster!! Of course, temporary changes like getting a weave fixed or getting a trim can be done now.

A DAY TO ‘THE DAY’; Don’t panic, don’t stress yourself out, gather your glam squad together and give them a briefing! If you want a test run then today is the day for that, wash out your hair so you have clean workable hair, apply all the tips from my previous post, jump around if you want and see if your hair holds up. Generally get organized and check that all you need for your hair has been put in order (do not run out of hair pins!!!). I know our traditional weddings are usually a day or two before the white wedding so this time line applies to a day ‘before’ the traditional wedding because once the traditional wedding takes place, there will be barely anytime to sit down and do a test run for your hair.

THE DAY OF; It’s your wedding day! You are getting ready and its time to get your hair put together, my first advice is to get your hair done before your makeup. Why? So all the hair products you use on your hair that might spill to your face will not leave it all shinny! Avoid doing the makeup and hair at the same time, this means you need to start early.  But do not rush if you are not running late, just be well paced. Have a big mirror to view the front as well as the back of your hair. Don’t use too much hair spray; the last thing you want is the smell of hair spray overpowering your Gucci perfume! Put clips in place, don’t forget to ensure your maid of honor carries extra bobby pins and hair clips for you. Finally wear a smile and have a blast!

Hope this wedding hair timeline will be of help to as many brides as it can reach, stay tuned to this blog and expect more from me on wedding hair and hair in general!! Thanks for stopping by!


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