Don't you just love 'em? Well I do! Hair Scarves are a really cool way to spice up any look. You can be dressed down in a white 'T' like my friend Initeme (below) but then throw on a scarf paired up with a banging lip stick and Viola!! U have the perfect Pin Up Girl look!!

I am loving how another friend of mine, Anie (Below) is working her own Scarf! You see, if you have just taken your hair out of braids or your hair is due for a relaxer and you are trying to manage your hair till you get one, this look is easy and cute! 
If you want to make a Fashion Statement at an event, forget the stereotypical Kardashian waist length Brazilian waves and curls( you will look like EVERYONE)  instead let your Scarf Speak for you!!Just like the Picture below. This Lady does not need to say a word at whatever event she is at, she just needs to strike a pose! Cuz this look is BANGING!! 

The good thing about head scarves is that they actually can be used for 'Protective Styling'. Protective styling is when you limit the use of combs, brushes and any manipulation of your hair that will cause it to break off. You can have your hair in like two corn rows(weaving) and  then every morning moisturize and seal the exposed ends of your hair and pop on your hair scarves for like a week! What that will do is greatly minimize the strands of hair you would have lost through out the week from all that combing and brushing. Other Protective Styling techniques include; having your hair in a bun either made out of your own ends or an attached bun so in the morning all you do is smooth out the edges while the ends stay protected or you can purchase wigs and half wigs which I am a big fan of and will dedicate an entire post to because they can transform your look in seconds while your hair stays protected. Remember the key to moving from one length to the other is retaining those ends!!

Below are pictures of my collection of hair scarves and how I wear them!

You don't even have to stick to silk scarves, you can take scraps of old ankara material or laces and stitch them together creating a unique hair piece! What ever you do FEEL FREE to have fun with it! Oh and by the way, Scarves are in BUT Bandanas ( Below) are sooooo OUT! Leave those to Da Brat( Below) Okay!!lol!

Hope you enjoyed this Post and Happy Fathers' Day to all the Wonderful Fathers in our Lives!!

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  1. I love this trend. I haven't been able to get myself to pull off this look. But I really like how your friend Initeme tied hers, I am definitely going to try it!

    By the way, what lipstick does she have on? I am on a seemingly endless search for the perfect red lipstick.

    n/b I absolutely love your blog. Very motivating for those of us trying to grow out hair out.

  2. awww thanks!!Im really flattered especially coming from you with such great hair(checked your blog and youtube vids out!)My friend Initeme used MAC's Ruby woo Lipstick, she is your complexion so it should suit you fine! Thanks again for stopping by, You are such an inspiration!!

  3. Ruby woo! That's what I thought! Everyone seems to recommend it but can't find it anywhere in Lag...Ah well.

    Thanks for your kind remarks.

  4. I love dis post... Tho' I've never been a fan of wigs because I rarely find any that would suit my face and give me dat amazing look... My challenge now is where can I get gud wigs/half wigs in PH because its one thing to get a wig and its another for it to suit you!! Lol!


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