Hiya, so  I have decided to start a segment called 10 THINGS! Once in a while I will post 10THINGS about a certain topic. Today's topic is just my sarcastic way of listing the things that go wrong at salons here in Naija most of which I have already addressed. Enjoy!!

 I love to pamper myself every so often and in the past part of this self pampering included frequent trips to the salon to get my hair washed or steamed or curled. Well these days, things have changed! I only visit the salon when I absolutely have to. Each time, I go with my bag of expectations only to return home with it deflated. Deflated because in the course of my visit I would have almost blurted out at least 10 things I hate about my visit! I am sure your initial reaction to this topic is that it sounds too harsh or critical but by the time I’m done listing these ten things, I have a feeling you will be nodding your head in agreement.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.       <!--[endif]-->First off, madam stylist, I hate that you have brought that ‘white now turned brown towel’ to use on my hair and that the one on my shoulder is frayed and has holes on it; with all the money being spent here, you’d think that these towels should have been replaced with new ones by now or should I bring a towel from my house next time?
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         Okay,so you say I have split ends and I need a trim but why have you given me a hair cut! Did my ends split to my roots? I hate that I can no longer use the ponytail ruffle I had on my hair when I walked into the salon because I now have no ponytail!
<!--[if !supportLists]-->3.     
      I hate that you are constantly shoving this your concocted ointment in my face and telling me it is the answer to all my hair woes, please let me make the decision myself.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->4.      
<!--[endif]-->      How dare you apply relaxer to the ends of my hair!! That part is already relaxed, if you read the relaxer box or went to a proper beauty school you would know that all you are doing is destroying my hair!
<!--[if !supportLists]-->5.      
<!--[endif]-->      I hate that you have now abandoned me for 45minutes because I told you my scalp is not itching! I know you want to have lunch but don’t you think it can wait till after my hair has been washed!
<!--[if !supportLists]-->6.      
<!--[endif]-->     Why are you using the smallest tooth comb on my thick coarse hair, pulling lumps of it out in the name of combing! What happened to the wide tooth comb on the counter!
<!--[if !supportLists]-->7.    
           <!--[endif]-->I know your ‘customer’ just walked in and you can’t wait to get your hands on her hair but I hate that  you want to wash out the deep conditioner on my hair barely two minutes after you put it on! It needs time to penetrate deep into my hair as the name implies!
<!--[if !supportLists]-->8.  
           <!--[endif]-->I hate that I am sweating profusely and my ear lobes are bright red and sting so bad but you are insisting that my rock hard hair is yet to be dry under this your hooded dryer so that you can buy time to finish relaxing your ‘customer’s’ hair! Who sent you to start in the first place!
<!--[if !supportLists]-->9.      
<!--[endif]-->      I hate that I forgot to bring my own ceramic hair straightener with me because the one you are using on my hair has no more ceramic coating and is literally frying my hair and even with all the smoke you still want to go over my strands five times!!
<!--[if !supportLists]-->10.  
<!--[endif]-->      I hate that you expect a tip from me even after the torment you have put me through! I thought people give tips for a job well done; do you really in your heart believe that you deserve a tip right now?

So you see, for fear of blurting out any of these 10things and risk starting a fight, I have consciously kept the salon visits to the minimum and learnt to do the basic things my hair needs myself however, for salon standards in Naija to improve it’s up to customers to speak up (maybe not in my exact words) and correct stylists when they are engaging in bad practices rather than mumble under your breath and vow never to return because in all honesty, the next salon you go to will have stylists doing the same annoying things.

 Hope you enjoyed this Post, stay tuned for my very first SALON PROFILE post, drop a comment, ask for advice and Ill gladly respond. 

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  1. My gosh, I totally agree! I also hate when the stylists openly gossip about other customers. It's really bad customer service!

  2. Yes it is! Should have added that as no. 11! Thanks girl!!

  3. Haven't been to a salon in like 2 years now. And quite frankly my hair is doing a lot better now than it ever has. I just got tired of the drama. Me insisting that the hairdresser does EXACTLY what I want doesn't make me a difficult customer. Ok, maybe it does but its my hair and I am paying so hey.

    My biggest grudge is that darn blue comb, you know the comb I mean? The blue rattail comb...That comb is afro hair's worst nightmare! Lol. There is no basis for running that comb through any black persons hair unless ofcourse you are trying to render the person bald...

    1. Loool... that blue rat tail comb is my 'worstest'(for want of a better word)nightmare, I literally have the most tormenting dreams over that tiny piece of plastic.

  4. lions and tigers and bears! o my! u've said it! what about when they leave ur hair to quickly go and eat then come back with mouth full of food and start gisting animatedly over your head with their fellow salon colleagues and therefore make mistakes on your hair and spitting their grubbing food over your supposedly just washed hair. ewwww!
    seriously, and my sisters wonder why i'm so reluctant of going to hair salons.

  5. lol dabs. I was laughing through some of these points.I love points 1,2,3,5,7,8,10. You're so on point esp with no 1, 7,and 8. Personally, I point some things out but you know naija, if you speak too much you'll be labelled as a wahala customer so i usually just look for a new place to do my hair and when i find somewhere i'm cool with, i stick to the place.
    i especially don't like the stylist eating while doing my hair and then rubbing her hands on her apron and also using the same hand to continue doing my hair. Its just awful. No matter how much in a hurry i am i just tell them to focus on their food and come back later...nice one!

  6. Lol!!Thanks for all your comments! Knew Id not be standing alone on this topic!! @ Lush Strands; That Comb should be banned!!!it pulls out hair like nothing does, but stylists still insist on using it!!The food issue has always annoyed me!!lol!!Naija for you!!

  7. hahahaa! well said but me i dont spare them o. i speak out there n thennn!!. if i see that u dont no wot ur doing on my hair.... hunnie i'm bringing out d diva. At d end of the day i'm d one who'll suffer a bad hair day.

  8. Haha girl that sounds like you might be going to hairdressers in Trinidad as well. Last time I stepped in one of those places was October 2009.

  9. lol!!glad to know its happening elsewhere too!!some hairdressers need flogging!!

  10. You missed one...No I don't want a bucket full of pink oil on my hair.


  12. Rotflol.. I do not want relaxer all the way to my tips, I do not want the blow drier and brush on my hair, I don't want the hair straightener producing smoke while you burn my hair in the name of straightening and i definitely need my hair oiled before sewing on a weave..

  13. These points are soo true!!! and it happens here in Ghana too. that small blue comb is my worst nightmare!!

  14. Thanks for all the useful information. I am in my 50s with grey hair. I like to dye my hair..........what is your advice on this because I dye my relaxed hair every 8 weeks with bijin dye........I'm not happy with the long term effects. I blame the dye and the hairdresser ....really need your opinion. Many thanks

  15. let's not forget using all those cheap hair creams that block out my pores and telling me not to wet my hair too often or it'll become due again :-D

  16. Those small tooth combs, so true! When you tell them you want them to use a wide tooth comb, they believe one is just being bellihpgerent


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