Hiya Ladies!! Hope all is well at your ends! for a change let me act like a blogger and bring you a product review post. I got quite a few products at the Salon Day Out this year and I promised to review each one. Today I am reviewing the oils I got.


Coconut Oil & Caddomint oil ( Such an interesting name)...

The Coconut oil comes in a bottle which I think is very generous and love that, it was N1500 which was very reasonable considering the size. This coconut oil smells like the real deal!!! You get a subtle whiff of coconuts when you use it and I love how light it is, everything you love about coconuts can be found in this bottle, I have used it for my hair and skin and it just absorbs nicely.

The Caddomint oil caught my attention when I saw it at their stand, asked them about it and they told me it's, wait for it.....Avocado oil and Peppermint oil blended together!!! My two fave oils!! I couldn't resist.

 It comes in a 50ml bottle which comes with a stopper (always a beneficial feature with essential oils to control the amount used). It also costs N1500. The smell is strong as expected and I have used it mainly for hair treatments and to soothe my scalp when it itches.

TRESSES K Vera- Cruz Oils-

Rooting for you roll on oil & 5 Star Blossom Moisture Sealant. (I like the cheeky names)

The Rooting for You oil is a blend of castor oil, pumpkin seed oil, mixed herbs and essential oils in a 10ml roll on bottle.

This oil is as the name implies is for your roots/scalp and I like that it's in this type of bottle, the fact that you literally roll the oil on your scalp is a very neat feature. I don't know the exact herbs in it but I took a close look and I can guess Rosemary is one of the herbs and those in the know, know that Rosemary is a very potent herb for hair growth, I think I also see crushed mint leaves which are perfect for soothing the scalp. Smell wise, this oil has a mild hint of mint and castor oil which I like...I can't remember how much the oil costs but will leave contact details below if you want to purchase from them.

The final oil is The 5 Star Blossom Moisture Sealant
This oil comes in a funky glass dropper. Its a blend of Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, lemongrass oil and hibiscus flowers.

 I noticed that this oil blend has mostly carrier oils which makes it light weight and perfect for doing the job of sealing moisture. I have used it a couple of times to deep condition as well but that was just me being extra, I think it works best as a sealant. It smells a bit stronger than the roots oil, the lemongrass oil really comes through and I love the smell of lemongrass so that's a plus. I am not too sure what the hibiscus flowers do for the oil but it does look very pretty seeing them in the bottle. I think this bottle is N3000.

Find these two brands on Instagram- @Wuranaturals and @Shoptresses

Did I mention that these products are proudly made in Nigeria?!!  I think our Naija brands are stepping up big time and you can pretty much find all you need for your daily hair needs now with the many new brands popping up. Trust that I will be sharing all my discoveries here on the blog! So stay tuned people!!

Thanks as always for stopping by! If you have tried any of these oils, please feel free to comment below. Have a great weekend.