If you are visiting hair blogs like mine, chances are that you are very much interested in starting to take proper care of your hair or at least thinking about it...if you literally just stumbled on my blog and sieved through the articles and pictures thinking, this can never be me!! All this fuss about hair? Nahhhh!!

Well my dear, I am here to give you 5 reasons why this 'Fuss' is necessary especially for us African women who had been fed lies about our hair!!

1. Your hair WILL respond!! Put two ladies in front of you and take a close look at the hair they have on their heads, you will know who cares and who doesn't care for her hair starting from just the look of the hair, the sheen, the smell ( a HUGE indicator), the density!! Once you start caring for your hair, your hair strands become more manageable and malleable, they start cooperating and styling becomes easy...notice I didn't mention length...your hair will not grow long over night but your strands will be stronger, more resistant to breakage and ultimately that equals long hair!! 

2. You will preserve your edges!! As we age, our hair follicles tend to shrink which leads to production of thinner looking hair, this process can be greatly controlled and even delayed if you started caring for your hair early enough...studies show about 50% of women develop some kind of Alopecia (hair loss) later in life, ages 50 and above!! 

3. Promotes a healthy life style!! Just like with weight control, healthy, long hair thrives with a good diet, lots of water and regular exercise. Ladies who have honed the skill of balancing diet and exercise will see very successful results on a hair journey!!

4. Products are organic and safe!! It's a great time to be on a hair journey!!! The absolute best time because, now more than ever before, hair manufacturers are taking conscious note of the ingredients they are putting in their products, they are avoiding harsh chemicals, parabens, sulphates and all the bad stuff...if you are not on a hair journey, chances are that you are not taking note of the products with harsh chemicals that sip into the blood stream which you may be using on a daily basis!! 

5. You get to be part of an amazing industry!! This last point is just the entrepreneur in me speaking!! LOL but how would a product like Hairfinity (hair growth pills) have been invented or all the numerous curl puddings and souffles, hair gadgets and accessories, if not for hair journeys?? The answer is plain and simple, we the consumers are the manufacturers and as a need arises, one of us steps up to the plate and executes!! I think back on when I started blogging in 2011, my trip to a store like Walmart did not include browsing the hair care aisle because there were barely any products I could use, but now? The options are numerous, the access to these products endless!! That's what I'm talking about!!

I hope someone is encouraged out there to start a hair journey ASAP then thank me later!! :)

I have been slacking as a blogger lately but I promise to do better!! If I get 10 comments on this post, my next post will be a GIVEAWAY!! Not a bribe, just a thank you for sticking with me all these years!!!