Hello Ladies,
How's everyone doing?!!! Hope well!!

Since Social Media Week came to Lagos, I have been an avid fan because I know the impact social media has had on me as an entrepreneur!!

I have participated as a listener the past few years, but when I saw the call for speakers last year, decided to put in an application. The process was serious oh...but I like a challenge so I followed through all the requirements and I was so happy when they picked my topic!!!

So I chose the topic- HAIR WE GO- Technology's role in the Natural Hair Movement!!

Whether we like it or not, Natural hair has been a movement!! How did it start? What role did social media play and how can we use this to our advantage in pushing our own 'hair/beauty agenda' in these parts!!

The synopsis-

Social media and technology has led to building one of the most assertive world wide movements within the black race; that is the embrace of natural hair and lifestyle as something that should be accepted main stream.
Technology is responsible for winning converts to the natural hair community all over the world as women from African decent were introduced to pictures of Natural hair pioneers and all of a sudden having natural hair didn't seem so daunting a task. The movement had rippling effects on big beauty corporations who for many years were making chemical relaxers and other hair products with little or no regard for the ingredients used or their harmful repercussions.

Hair We Go: Technology & The Natural Hair Movement celebrates Nigeria's budding organic beauty industry with a panel discussion featuring top stakeholders, bloggers, beauty product companies and beauty influencers. Panelist will share their insights on ways to move the industry forward using technology as an effective tool.
Attendees will learn:
  • How Social media is changing established perceptions about African beauty/hair.
  • How content creators are using social media as an educational tool
  • How social media can help launch a career and help you earn a living
  • Tips for social media branding and marketing for hair/beauty companies
Social media has helped to  inspire and promote a consistent message about African Beauty leading to the rise of an industry  that for many years was silent.

Who should attend this session?
Hair and Beauty Bloggers, product manufacturers/brands, enthusiasts/influencers, students/recent graduates, salon owners, social media marketers, PR firms representing beauty companies, NAFDAC officials.

Please come for this engaging session on Wednesday, invite your friends and let's discuss together!!!