The Savvy and Chic 4 Step Comb Systems Now Available!!

Hello ladies,
For sometime I have been promising to make a few announcements and I am so glad I can finally make this one!!!

I have formulated a Comb I choose to call it!!

 Here's how it came about earlier in the year, my mum was at my house and we were getting ready for bed, she watched me as I meticulously detangled my hair and styled it for bed and commented that I had been so systematic about the entire process in a teasing way to which I responded 'Mummy don't you know there is a system to combing hair? You can't just rake through your hair anyhow!!'. I had a light bulb moment right then and decided that I'd come out with a step by step combing system that will work great for ALL hair types!! Of course that meant I needed combs...

I sourced around and found a great company in the USA willing to work with me, I wanted to go the China route but quality was top priority on my list and the U.S company was not going to compromise on that, the materials used all top grade down to the precision cut teeth are made to ensure your hair doesn't get snagged or tangled in the process and as little as possible hair breakage occurs!!

Each comb comes with a small pamphlet attached to the pack which has a step by step pictorial guide on how to use it for best results, you can choose to simply keep the pamphlet for future reference when you purchase the comb. If you purchase the entire set, you get an E-manual which is a video of me showing you how the combs are used and an additional bonus clip with 20 top tips to growing long and healthy hair!!

Without much ado, it's my pleasure to introduce you to my 4 Step Comb Systems-

Step 1- The Ultimate Grow Scalp Massager-

Every hair journeyer NEEDS one!!
Use this massager for optimum blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, this scalp massager is a MUST HAVE if your edges and nape hairs are thinning or you are developing a balding spot!! The more blood circulates in your scalp, the more nutrients it gets and the more impurities are flushed out leading to hair growth in the area. Scalp massages have also been proven to increase serotonin levels which help relief headaches and pain. The pamphlet has directions on how to use this massager for optimal results.

Price- N800

Step 2- The Tangle Ease Detangler Comb

Once you are done massaging your scalp, the next step is to detangle your hair and for this you need a comb with wide precision teeth,clean cut so there's no chance for snags, a firm anti slip grip so the comb doesn't keep falling from your hand due to your slippery hands caused by using hair oils and cremes and a comb that is anti- static and prevents frizz. This comb does all that!! The pamphlet guides on how to systematically detangle the hair without causing breakage.

Price- N600

Step 3- The Smooth and Glide Bristle Brush

When detangling is done, the next step is smoothing out and this brush will ensure that each strand is smooth out without being too harsh on the hair and scalp. I especially love this brush because of its size,very makeup bag friendly, just plop it in your everyday bag to use on the go and it fits!! There's a different technique to using this particular brush though that leaves close to zero of my hair in the brush bristles, I share that technique in the pamphlet.

Price- N800

Step 4- The 2in1 Edge Slick & Tame/Coil Comb

This is my favorite comb because for a while I have been looking for a comb that  was small enough to lay the tiny hairs in front and could tame my edges besides an old dirty looking tooth brush!! I mean tooth brushes got the job done but how inappropriate is it and down right funny for an old hair infested tooth brush to fall out of your bag on say a date with a guy you've been crushing on for a while!LOL...those kind of thoughts crossed my mind a lot when I carried my hair tooth brush around until I didn't and just left my edges alone but lately with this edge slick comb I get so many compliments for my laid edges, bumped into Toke Makinwa yesterday at an event and she even noticed my edges!LOL!! The attached pamphlet shows how you can use this comb to lay your edges ladies.

It also has the added bonus of being a coil comb for Naturalistas who know how to finger coil and those who have locs or starter locs,this comb will loc your new growth with ease as it has a great tail for precision sectioning and teeth for gentle locing!!

Price- N650

Discount Price when you purchase the full Set in my Comb System- N2500

Independence Day FREE SHIPPING!!!!
All orders made from this link-HERE from now to 12 midnight on Saturday the 1st of October which have been ordered and pid for via bank transfer shall be shipped to you where ever you are in Nigeria for FREE OF CHARGE when you purchase the FULL COMB SYSTEM for N2500!!!! That's all you pay!!!
Remember that when you purchase the full system you get a visual E-manual showing you how to use them plus bonus hair growth tips you get to keep forever!!

I'd like to specially thank all those who left kind comments on Instagram when I made the announcement today, it's all of your support that has kept me going.

I look forward to your orders and feed back!!