Is it just me or this year has flown by so quickly!! I have been so busy lately and have a few exciting announcements to make soon but in the mean time I'm here to write about my Mimi's hair journey.

Nothing much has changed in terms of routine and the products I've been using but in terms of styling, I've found that as her hair has grown longer, I've been more adventurous and at the same time, because it tangles more I've had to be very careful while I detangle and style.

So we shampoo and condition her hair every weekend, I only style her hair while damp, still use mainly my fingers and a wide tooth comb if needed. I have kept up sealing with the Savvy and Chic Shea butter cups which make her curls so defined and beautiful...I'm kinda obsessed with her curls to be honest.

Her hair can now pack into 1 ponytail even though I try not to make that her go to style as I am preserving her edges, my favorite styles for her hair are flat twists,pigtails and fro hawks.

Around the 6 months mark the very back of her hair started to give way like most babies but hers happened much later thanks to using satin pillowcases, as soon as I noticed the dryness and breakage I swung into action and made sure we always covered that part of her hair by holding her hair into a ponytail right at the spot to cover that area(kind of hard to explain but I'm sure you get my drift )... So the friction around that spot reduced since it was no longer exposed and now the hair there has began to recover....

That's all for now, Mimi's hair is growing and that makes me very happy.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding growing little girls hair below.

Have a blessed week.



  1. Mimi's hair is so adorable. Beautiful curls.

  2. Lovely. When my baby girl arrives,i will come back for this tips. Her curls are amazing like chocolate! Oh! I had a son who is just a year and three month old and I love to groom his hair Afro but has a very hard hair n doesn't allow me to comb it. How do I take care of d hair and the products to use.


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