July Texlaxed Hair Update

Hi ladies,
Hope all is well at your ends!!
I'm here with my texlaxed hair update as promised albeit I am kinda late posting it up.
So I texlaxed at 14 weeks post relaxer, I've decided that it's the max I will stretch moving forward because I'm trying my utmost best to maintain think ends and I find that when I over stretch,my ends suffer. I actually wanted to stop at 12 weeks post but because I was in search of the Straight from Eden relaxer and spent two weeks looking for it in all of Lagos, I had to drag out the stretch.

All in all I was happy with my results, I settled for Vitale olive oil relaxer and I think I have found my Nigerian staple relaxer when I don't have Silk Elements. My new growth was super thick and the relaxer just loosened it enough without making it bone straight, I did add a little oil in the relaxer and also did the half half method,  spending a maximum of 10/12 mins on each half before washing it off.


The Results;
Before Trim

I gave my hair a good trim to make up for all the unevenness from my post partum shedding.

That's that!! loving this Texlaxed life right now. 




  1. Love your results dear, so thick! I should be coming to the hub for my texlax soon.

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  3. Beautiful hair, Dabs!! I plan texlaxing my hair in the 10th of August. It will be 14 weeks post then.

  4. Lovely, any time i see your texlax update i am tempted to use the relaxer, loolz. Love the results.

  5. Hi Dabs, thanks for sharing, your hair looks amazing. Btw I came across a product online called HJ Organic Secret Recipe, I heard its very good for growing hair fast and for people with natural or texlax hair. Have you tried it?
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