The Hair Journey Series at the NHCG SALON DAY OUT 2016

Hiya Ladies,
So we are one month away from the 2016 Salon Day Out and I will take the silence on the blog to mean that everyone is just too excited to attend the event to type a comment and we all are saving our energies for the big day!!!

I'm not one to toot my horn ladies but what I've got planned for this year's event will make you pinch yourself really hard if you miss it!!!! LOL

Anyways, first on our agenda at the event is the HAIR JOURNEY SERIES! Basically, a panel of notable hair bloggers will share their hair journey stories...what made them start caring for their hair, what products did they use, did they suffer set backs, what lessons were learnt etc...after each presentation, they will take questions from the audience. So its interactive knowledge sharing not to be missed!!!

The Esteemed Panelists who I say a big thank you to for participating are;

Ade Balogun of Locitude Blog has had locs for about 5 years and owns a hair salon, so she is the perfect person to tell us about locs, how she overcame the stigma that sometimes comes with locs, the pressure from society, keeping her edges intact and the whole shebang!!!

Uzo of  is Transitioning!! Her blog Don't Touch the hair is a great resource. Those who have been through transitioning, know its no easy feat!! So we will be hearing her story on this, from making the decision to sticking to it and making it work!!

Ekene blogs at THE KINK AND I a natural hair blog I personally enjoy reading because she is an experimentalist just as I am :) I look forward to hearing her share her story, the ups, downs and in betweens!

Finally we have;

Tosin curates the website Naija Naturals  and she has beautiful natural hair!! She will share with us all her tips and tricks, her staple products and regimen!!

Ladies, make a date with us on the 5th of June 2016, its a Sunday and the series starts at 12 noon!!! Tickets to attend are N1000 only. Also please spread the word!!