Hairfinity comes to the Rescue!! Giveaway time!!

Hey ladies,
How's everyone doing!! The year is almost over can you believe it?!! The 6 inches of Growth challenge is still on people and I'm expecting to be WOWED by the results....if you have been struggling with length retention, then this giveaway might be just what you need!!

Apologies to my followers on Instagram, I said I'll put this post up yesterday but I got back home quite late and was completely exhausted. Basically, I met with the owner/ creator of Hairfinity vitamins. Which I reviewed and discussed at length HERE and she was the most pleasant, accommodating person ever, I was most impressed by how much she knew her brand and how involved she is in the day to day dealings of her company from replying messages on social media to overseeing them as they dispatch about 3000 bottles a day!!! Did you just read 3000? Yup, I bet you are as stunned as I was...let me stun you further, Mrs. Tymeka Lawrence(the owner) is just in her 30's!!! Yup your read right!! 

Anyways enough about my encounter with her, now it's time to pay it forward....she gave me a year's supply of the hair vitamins plus other goodies like their infinite lash serum for longer eyelashes, blinged out paddle hair brush, their skin care vitamins called Demera, a scalp massager and a length check T shirt. I'll be keeping everything else in the bag except half of the hair vitamin bottles, that's 6 months supply which I will give to 3 lucky readers ( 2 months supply each).

So here's how to win. The Rules-

You must NEED it...frankly who doesn't? But like with all medications, please go through my post link above and read all about them and do your own little research about these vitamins before you enter the giveaway...

You must be available to pick it up if chosen as a winner. It will be at The Savvy Chic Hair Beauty Hub in Ikoyi, Lagos. If you can't pick it up, you will be responsible for having it sent to you wherever you are, we can assist with linking you with a courier if you are out of state.

You will need to comment below stating why you think you should be picked as one of the lucky three to receive a two months supply of Hairfinity.

Finally upon commenting, you MUST send in a starting picture which must be a current picture of your hair, the picture should be sent to my email- with your comment no. So say you commented first, you will send an email of your starting pic and state in the body that you are comment no. 1. 3 Lucky ladies who send in starting pictures as well as comment below will be chosen randomly using 

Entries closes at midnight on Friday the 16th, winners will subsequently be announced on the blog by posting their starting pictures, then after their two months supply is exhausted, they MUST send in their AFTER pictures with hopefully  great progress.

Good Luck!!