My Hair Update!

How's everyone doing?!! Been a while!! Hope those on the 6 inches of growth challenge have not given up yet!! It's about 5 months to go, hang in there ladies!!

Well this post is just an update on my hair, products and styles I have tried lately...

Let's start, shall we!!

My hair has been doing its thing...

I've embraced a lot of 'protective' styling this year, protective being the operative word, with hair extensions, the hairstyles have had little to no impact on my hair line and I don't leave them in for more than a week plus!! I've also been rocking my wigs and loving the break they give my hair which I usually tuck away in big braids for a few days before I start missing my hair again...

Here are a few pictures of my hair lately;

In the above picture, I just took out my knotless braids and loved how it created this wavy twist out look with my hair, unfortunately my hair was dirty so I had to wash it out!

 This was the hairstyle I rocked to the 2015 LOC Appreciation Day...I divided my hair in about eight chunky sections, braided the tips and tucked them inside so the chunks looked like free formed locs (don't think I fooled real loc heads with my attempt though!! LOL). But can you see all the texture that I am presently dealing with?!! On one hand I love it, on the other hand it drives me cray cray!!

Freshly detangled, moisturized and sealed hair...also keeping an eye on my ends!!

 Last week I tried out Crotchet braids again but I wanted the marley hair twisted into big havanna twists and the tips this done at the hub- 30 Norman Williams St. Ikoyi Lagos.

Had these in for one week and 3 days and got bored!! Took them out, got a good clarify with a bentonite clay hair mask treatment I got done at the hub;

 Made my hair feel really nice and manageable considering it's about 10 plus weeks post relaxer!Will be relaxing it by week 12 that's my limit lately...

Oh and I have not repented from my product junkie ways oh!! It's always like I am looking for the next best thing until I get my fingers burnt!! Arghhh!! I was at Ebeanor just browsing through their cosmetics aisle when this product caught my eyes;

Looking at the bottle, it seemed to have everything going for it, first thing that caught my eye was the TRIPLE MOISTURE LOTION written to the side, I was like yessss, then it had no harsh chemicals also written and the usuals; no petroleum products, no sulfates, parabens etc, checked the ingredients, water was first, glycerin then a bunch of great oils-SOLD!!

Got home and this product that I thought would be light and liquidy and super moisturizing is just all types of wrong on my hair!!! It feels sooooo goooey!! And left some kind of annoying film/coat on my hair like a gel!! Left me so confused!

Anyways, that will teach me!! For now, I am just patiently waiting till relax day in about two weeks!!

So that's my update thus far, how's everyone else doing? Who has tried the above product? Did it work for you? Feel free to share your thoughts below!! 

P.S  As for that BLOGVERSARY GIVEAWAY I promised for non- Lagosians in the month of June, I am compiling a bunch of products and I promise to announce it sooon!! Please stay tuned and pray for me- the lack of ginger to blog these days is real!! I don't know why!! But when I do get the chance to sit down and open the blog, start a just flows!! Like I didn't think this post would be this long!! Just pray for me!! LOL

Have a great weekend people!



  1. I went into a store to get one or two products and left with like 6... most of which I hadn't tried.
    God help my ways. And I still say am not a junkie.

    1. Haha my dear you ARE a junkie!

    2. Hahaha.
      Dabs nauuuuu...allow me to still say am not a junkie!

  2. Dabs, receive inspiration ijn.loool.
    I love ur hair!

  3. Don't give , that's how blogging is. Just give it time I'm sure you'll be back and better.

  4. Your hair is lovely... All the styles suit you really well especially the crotchet braids.

  5. Your hair is baaaaaaaaaccccckkkk :-)

    You are clearly doing something right. Well done Dabs

    1. Slowly but surely my dear, thanks

    2. You're on the right track so keep on trucking.

  6. Love the braids with your own hair

  7. Hi Dabs! Love the hair :)
    Please I sent you an email over a month ago but I'm yet to receive a response. I really need some help with my hair. Should I resend it? Thanks!


    1. Hi Onyinye, my apologies for not replying...please resend. Thanks

  8. Great Post.
    Lovely hair ! Looking so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
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  9. Wow. Your hair looks amazing.


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