Hiya Ladies,
Wow Wow Wow!!! That's all I have to say after watching my phone blink up constantly from new emails(votes) for the past three days!!!

Thank you all so much for visiting the blog and taking the time out to vote for the winner of the 6 inches of growth challenge. For those who were following, the battle was seriously on and this contest is very heated with a record breaking 670 comments!!! I will use the next few days to sieve through the votes, disqualify fake votes(I will check IP Addresses), votes cast after the 20th are also disqualified and on SUNDAY 28TH AT THE GOLF PRINCE HOTEL, 24 ABANA STREET, OLD GRA, PORT-HARCOURT, during the HAIR REHAB WITH DABS HAIR MEET UP, the winner and runner ups will be announced.,,,soooo excited!!

The top contenders are; Folake, Stella, Tolu, Moji and Maryanna. Please all 5 of you should send to my email a contact number to reach you via as we will make live calls on the 28th to the winner and runner ups!!

That's all for now ladies....stay tuned for the announcement of the winner and more information on the HAIR REHAB WITH DABS Hair Meet up on the 28th.



  1. I tot I was going to be a contender Cus I grew more than 6". But I guess it's just a competition. Doesn't change my hair growth and health in anyway. Don't want to believe my whole effort in d year was a waste of time.
    See me thinking I was going to win free length check tshirt. I guess I would av to buy now. Expect my order soon Dabs :(

  2. Wow! just wow! Didn't think in a million years I would be a contender. lol! To think I entered the challenge jus to deal with my addiction for cutting my hair for no reason (not usually a fan of long hair). I must say it was nice having my colleagues and friends fall over themselves to vote for me, I even had to beg them not to vote multiple times lol! That being said, this challenge has helped me deal with taking care of my hair while its longer instead of taking the easy way out (cutting it). I congratulate all the ladies especially Folake and Tolu.

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  4. Thanks so much Dabs for the opportunity! One lesson I learnt was to choose health over length. Thinking of hosting such a challenge too for 2015 so others have an opportunity to share in the experience.

  5. Lot of Hair Care info on the blog. Thanks for Sharing.


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