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I got this mail a while ago and I felt it had to be shared especially for ladies in hard water areas like parts of the UK and Europe, some areas in Lagos and Nigeria....

Here's the mail... Title- HAIR EMERGENCY!

Hi Dabs,  
how r u n your family? Guess you arr all okay. Thanks for the awesome tips on your blog they have been very helpful. Actually the hair emergency is not mine but my sister's,  she is in school in Turkey and they have hard water . Her hair is breaking badly so I thought I should ask if there is a solution to growing /continuing ones healthy hair journey even with the hard water situation. Thanks looking forward to a reply.


Thanks for reading my blog and for being such a caring sister :) the way I know to combat hard water is;

                           To use clarifying shampoos once a month to ensure that there is no build up...
Available  here

Get shower filter heads for when she wants to wash her hair to filter out the mineral deposits.

              Use apple cider vinegar regularly to rinse her hair to balance porosity and clear deposit build up.

         She can also try oil rinsing, by coating her hair with oils and allowing the hair strands absorb the oils before she proceeds to wash it out. 

          Here's a screen shot of the benefits of Oil Rinsing from Hairfinity- makers of hair growth vitamins;
Buy hair oils- HERE
 How to know your water is Hard? Basically, hard water is caused by too many mineral deposits like limestone, calcium sulfate and Calcium carbonate in the water, aside from leaving hair feeling dull and dry, it leaves things like ceramic dishes, utensils scaly, whitish and chalky.

Because of the deposits, you also find that it's difficult for the water to get soapy- that's the sure sign, so if in doubt, test your water today to know if it's hard or not.

Hope this information helps...Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love my sprite water filter. It's a must in a hard water area. I also chelate/clarify as needed.

  2. need to get a shower filter head

    1. please feel free to tell us when you find one in Lagos...been a while!! Thanks for commenting!!

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  7. AH are a blessing...thank you for this post...since i moved to has been one problem after another with my is constantly breaking mater what I do or don't's just this weekend one of hubby's friends laughed at me well well and said welcome to London life..that it's the hard water...apparently everyone experiences it and they end up doing a big chop and going team natural and rock wigs day in and out...
    I just had to run to your blog to research hard water...n bam!!!!
    Thanx dear...God bless you.


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