I'm baccckkk!! Told you ladies that this blog will be getting more of my attention from now on!!

So I'm here to introduce a service that I hope a lot of you will be interested in. You know how overseas there are companies that have meal plan services specially formulated for dieting or diabetes or whatever issue that's in focus, well I was thinking it might be a great idea to create such a service for HAIR!!!LOL

If you've been a reader of this blog long enough you will remember that at some point in 2012, I started NHCG hair kits; the kits comprised of natural products like oils, milk, tea etc aimed at solving specific hair issues like dryness, brittleness, weakness, thinning etc...Well the service I am about to introduce to you is a refurbished version of that idea!!

Basically, all it entails is this; On Thursday I will announce the weekend treat for that weekend; you can preferably call in to book for yours for either pick up at the store, delivery (attracts delivery cost) or book an appointment for hub indulgence(you come into Savvy & Chic from Friday evening to Saturday evening and use the treatment ).

Each treatment will be a freshly made batch just for that weekend as the shelf life with most of the ingredients will not exceed 3 days... The treatments are served and stored in an AIR TIGHT vacuum sealed glass mason jar...Now again you can decide to do the following;

PICK UP AND INDULGE- You simply visit the hub @ 34 A AWOLOWO RD. IKOYI, Lagos, call 08090613325 or email  with the subject ''WEEKEND TREAT'' from Thursday before you come and we will have your jar ready- that will cost N3000 only. You get to keep the jar.

Now when the next weekend treat comes along and you want to indulge away from the hub( at home or at your salon), you can simply refill the jar you bought from us with the new weekend treat and that will be- N2500 (Again refills will be only with our jar.
NO DRINKING INVOLVED!! Straws just added for extra effect*wide grin*

DROP OFF AND INDULGE- For those super busy ladies looking to give their hair a treat, I did not leave you out of the action. You can call the number I gave above or send an email every Thursday we announce there's a weekend treat. We will arrange to drop it off at your address( delivery charge will be included and starts from N500 upwards depending on your location), you can indulge and get refills as well, refills will require that you provide your clean mason jar upon our arrival at your address and we will refill it for you up to the 100 ml mark.

Finally we have the HUB INDULGENCE- We will be glad to have you come by our location as stated above, of course we prefer you book an appointment first, then grab a jar and get the entire treatment done- at the hub the treatment will cost you N2000 only.

So we are kicking off this WEEKEND TREAT PROGRAM with a yummy WHIPPED YOGURT HAIR SMOOTHIE-


The main ingredient is 100% plain Yogurt, there's coconut oil in there, extra virgin olive oil and four other secret ingredients which are company secrets(lol) but it smells and feels yum!!

Benefits of this treat;
1.The protein content in yogurt provides ample nourishment and strengthening to the hair without making it dull or dry.

2.Yogurt has zinc and lactic acid properties which help stimulate blood circulation and aids growth.

3.Yogurt contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help stimulate hair growth by acting as a natural cleanser and helps get rid of unwanted dandruff from the scalp. 

Now that's just Yogurt, the oils and other nutritionally packed ingredients make this treat a great one for strengthening and rejuvenating damaged, brittle hair that is breaking.

*This is a protein treatment.

Best believe I will be indulging in this treatment on Friday night and I enjoin you all to support this service and grab a jar as soon as you can, even if its not this time but next time, you can arrange a spa party with friends where you just indulge from head to toe, our treats will be great for such...the great thing about this particular treatment and most of the treatments that we will create is their multi-functionality as this whipped yogurt smoothie can also double as a face/body mask!!!

Again, these treatment are made fresh, so their shelf life is not long at all, they are however put in clean, air tight mason jars that do well to lock out moisture and bacteria, and they are oh so yummy!!

Interested? Please call 08090613325 tomorrow or email with your enquiries and we will be glad to assist!!



  1. So this is a protein treatment that i have to use once and within three days and it doesn't come with other hair products for the wash day? Hmmm

    1. Yes Maam, but its all that is needed, apply on dry hair, deep condition and rinse out, except the scalp is dirty then that will require a tiny bit of shampoo to cleanse it.

  2. Terrific idea Dabs!! though I think it is only ethical to let people know in its entirety what they will be putting on their hair/head/face/body, you don't have to divulge the proportions in which you mixed them. This covers you (insurance) in case someone is allergic to one of the 'secret' ingredients so they are informed.

    1. Hi Nikki, thanks for your comment. I actually thought about what you said after I put the post up and so I attached a leaflet to each jar listing everything in it and all the benefits, so people we buy are well aware of what's in it :)

  3. Good day, please if you don't mind, where can I get those mason jars and raw yoghurt.
    Thank you.


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